Tombstone: One More Sunrise (Info)

STATUS: Completed

AUTHOR: AnonGrimm =  (Twitter: @MET_Fic) (Tumblr: anongrimm)

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CATEGORY: Angst/Drama/Violence

PAIRING: Doc Holliday / Kate Elder

RATING: R for sex, explicit language, and violence.

WARNING: Major Character Death.

SUMMARY: Wyatt and Kate share memories of Doc Holliday after his death, piecing the puzzle of the man together for each other, as much as they can. After the tales are done, Wyatt reflects on his debt to his friend at the side of Doc’s fresh grave.

NOTES: This story is based on the movie, but also incorporates some historical notes and bits of the script left out of the movie. At times, it follows the film script nearly verbatim, with embellishments throughout. Doc suffered from tuberculosis and few could blame him for seeking a quicker death with his crazed lifestyle. While he is most often seen as a hero of the West, Doc was also a deadly gunfighter and brutal killer. Yet in spite of that, his aristocratic breeding, gentlemanly charm and humorous wit endeared him to a lawman of high moral conscience, and made many of us just as fond of him, too. If you haven’t seen the movie, Wyatt and Doc are best friends who, with Wyatt’s brothers Virgil and Morgan, fought in the shootout at the O.K. Corral. After the wounding of Virgil and the assassination of Morgan, Wyatt and Doc joined three other men in a vendetta against the outlaw group known as the Cowboys. When Wyatt was challenged to duel Johnny Ringo, he accepted though he knew he would be killed. He left the sick and possibly dying Doc behind and went to face death, but Doc met Ringo first and killed him in a duel, just as Wyatt arrived, shocked, to find his friend standing over the body of the man who was too fast for him to take. It wasn’t the first time Doc had saved his life and wouldn’t be the last. Kate was Doc’s companion for many years, and knew him as well as anyone could. She saved him from a lynch mob, and he filled her restless life with adventures. This story is told in a lot of flashbacks. The time-stamps at the beginning of sections should help keep things straight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kate may have been Doc’s lover but Wyatt and Doc had a bond she couldn’t share. Wyatt and Doc represent the sort of friends that are rare these days – people who would kill or die for each other without thought or hesitation, sharing a deep love that was platonic but was nonetheless so intense that the men who played them in the film have been quoted as calling it a love story and “a love affair”.

Kurt Russell: “Wyatt and Doc is one of the great love affairs of all time between two men. It’s a strange, tough, violent, deep relationship.”

Val Kilmer: “He (Doc) had a real respect for Wyatt’s morality, even though he didn’t live it out, and Wyatt had a real respect for Doc’s sense of freedom and experience, so they each possessed a quality of life that the other didn’t have and they could live vicariously through each other. My feeling about the core of their friendship is that they were different men who found a kinship that each of them was willing to die for. It was a really deep love. …It really is a love story…”

DISCLAIMER: ½ Historical, ½ Fictional. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, I am borrowing from the creators of the 1993 movie ‘Tombstone’ (heavily borrowed from Kevin Jarre’s script). No disrespect is meant to their work. No money has or will be made with this.

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Table of Contents:

Act One

Act Two

Act Three