Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family (Info)

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STATUS: Complete

CATEGORY: Horror / Hetero Erotica

PAIRING: Leatherface / OFC

RATING: NC-17 for “foul” language, graphic sex, rape, mutilation, torture, abuse, cannibalism, necrophilia, and extreme violence.

WARNING: Character Death (lots of people die). Also, this is one of the more brutal and disturbing series of movies in cinematic history, so if you aren’t a fan of depraved fiction, you might want to read this story with caution. Eventually, it became a challenge to see how gross I could get. One thing is certain: once you throw necrophilia into the mix, no one is offended by the cussing anymore. I used to think I was the only one in the world who developed crushes on cinematic monsters, but then I discovered that there are a lot of us. This tale is for those folks, the ones who will eagerly hope that Leatherface gets the girl in a whole new way.

SUMMARY: An abused girl named Amarie runs into the Hewitt’s tiny town in 1970, trying to escape the biker gang that kidnapped her six months before. Desperate to be free, she is prepared to fight – unknowing that there are more dangerous people than her captors in this dead and dusty Texas town. In a moment of blind luck, Amarie manages to impress Luda Mae Hewitt, who wants her to join the family, if only she can convince the others not to kill and eat her.

TIMELINE: This tale takes place after TCM: The Beginning and before both TCM (the remake) and TCM #3.

NOTES: If you haven’t seen any of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, you may be a little lost here, but I’ll try to keep it enjoyable for non-Leatherface fans too. To be honest, having seen all of the movies, confusion is still possible; it has become obvious to me that the concept of canon is elusive in this series. Beyond purporting a few new theories, I will attempt to remain faithful to the remake films wherever possible and I plan to borrow an element or two from movie #3. Other elements will be used or ignored as suits the story, and/or referenced for the sake of plot, but Leatherface is generally portrayed as the hulking and mute chainsaw-wielding member of a psychotic and cannibalistic family living in Texas in the 1960s and 1970s. My Leatherface in this story is Thomas Brown Hewitt, portrayed by actor Andrew Bryniarski. The family has a habit of indiscriminately killing and eating people in order to survive in an abandoned town and they care only for those considered to be in the family, whether by blood or friendship. Anyone else is on the menu.

HISTORY: Leatherface is a childlike person, in spite of his violent habits. His mental capacity is up for debate but he seems capable of love, loyalty, and obedience, at least to family members. For the matter of why he wears other people’s faces, I’m using the remake notion that he was born with a skin disease that has eaten away his nose. He has never been portrayed speaking words, but will nod or shake his head to answer others. The only sounds he’s made on film were screaming, roaring, grunting, etc., but since it is clear that he understands others, I assume he chooses not to speak, or can’t for some other medical reason. I have a character loosely guessing that Leatherface may suffer from borderline personality disorder, as that fits my story. No real diagnosis is obtained, so this is mere conjecture. Luda Mae found Thomas in the dumpster of the slaughterhouse on August 7, 1939 and raised him as her son. Her brother Charlie killed and became Sheriff Hoyt to save his nephew’s life. It was never that clear who Old Monty was, so I’m calling him the uncle of Luda Mae and Charlie Hewitt. Many fans seem to think Charlie Hewitt is Luda Mae’s son, but I never thought so. Their ages are two similar. In the South, a woman can be called “Momma” as an affectionate nickname for a person, especially if she is the mother hen of a family. Therefore, I’m calling Charlie the brother of Luda Mae. Sheriff Hoyt a.k.a. Charlie is portrayed by R. Lee Ermey in the remake films, and in my opinion, he is so dangerous and frightening that he makes Leatherface seem like a sympathetic character in comparison.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, I am borrowing from Tobe Hooper, Kim Henkel, and the creators of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, with the exception of a handful of original characters. No money has or will be made with this, unless one of these esteemed persons wants to pay me to make it a screenplay.

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Table of Contents

1: Prologue -The Hunters

2: The Face of Madness

3: Momma’s House

4: My Boy

5: Lessons

6: The Family

7: The Basement

8: Interruptions

9: Machines

10: Patterns in Red

11: Rising Dust

12: Gone

13: Beyond the Bounds

14: Etched in Blood

15: Torn

16: Epilogue – A New Beginning