Supernatural: Wildfire (Info)

STATUS: Complete

AUTHOR: AnonGrimm =  (@MET_Fic) (

NOTICE: No part of this story is to be posted anywhere without the author’s permission. Thanks. Feedback and constructive critiques are welcome, too. Just email me, or send me a tweet.

CATEGORY: Angst, Slash Erotica

PAIRING: Dean Winchester/Castiel

RATING: Explicit (NC-17) for graphic sex and explicit language.

WARNING: No Archive Warnings Apply. The story contains major spoilers for anyone not caught up beyond S5, E3 Free to Be You and Me. The story weaves through and after the episode (Dean’s part only) and adds much more to it. (Brief flashback of past attempted sexual assault on a minor.)

SUMMARY: Hitting a low in his search for God, Castiel asks for Dean’s help. They prepare a trap for the Archangel Raphael, to get answers about where God has gone. Even if they succeed, it may be the death of Cas; Raphael is at odds with him in the brewing civil war in Heaven. As their bond of friendship grows stronger during the mission, pressures Dean and Cas face lead them to reach out for more.

TIMELINE: This story occurs in Supernatural season 5, during episode 3, Free to be You and Me. I call it an episode fic. That means I borrow some of the dialogue and scenes from the episode in order to add to them and fill in the blanks with the good stuff – the parts borrowed don’t belong to me. Per the fandom timelines, this happens in the summer of 2009. This is my nod to Destiel First Time, inspired by Cas admitting to Dean that he was a virgin (even though his vessel isn’t) and Dean’s canon vow to not let Cas die a virgin.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, as well as some of the dialogue and scenes from the episode, I am borrowing from the CW show Supernatural. Jeremy Carver wrote the episode this is based around. All quotes or song lyrics are credited to the artists, some lyrics are abbreviated. No money has or will be made with this.

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Table of Contents

1. Wildfire