Sabretooth: The Hunt – Flipside (Info)

STATUS: Completed

AUTHOR: AnonGrimm =  (@MET_Fic)

NOTICE:  No part of this story is to be posted anywhere without the author’s permission. Thanks. Feedback and constructive critiques are welcome too, just email or tweet me.

CATEGORY: Thriller, Horror (with some Hetero Erotica scenes)

PAIRING: Sabretooth / Various Original Characters

RATING: NC-17 for “Foul” language, graphic sex, and extreme violence.

WARNING: If you haven’t read any Marvel Comics, the Notes and History sections may help. This story involves some taboo subjects (which won’t be happening to underage Jubilee, don’t worry) such as rape, necrophilia, cannibalism, torture, excessive violence and gore. There may also be some canon Sabretooth misogynistic sexist stuff too, but for Sabey fans, that’s not going to be a shock. Sabretooth is a gleeful villain and I don’t plan to redeem him here; if you like evil main characters, enjoy! If not, you might want to re-read this warning.

SUMMARY: Victor Creed is a busy man, but he likes to stop and smell the roses. Some of his favorite stops involve indulging in what humans call vices, or crimes. Victor calls them instinctual urges. Fighting off a bout of apathy and depression, he visits a brothel in New York City. When Hydra crosses his path afterward, he feels almost compelled to slaughter as many of them as he can. This time, he also steals their prey – Jubilation Lee, the young friend of his mortal enemy. She is the bait for his next hunt – to find and kill the new head of Hydra’s Science Division, known as the Fixer. Jubilee finds herself needing Victor’s help to survive and stay out of Hydra’s clutches. Can she also survive her time with him on his brutal hunt – and his habitual urge to kill the people who are close to Wolverine?

TIMELINE: This occurs after the events in my Unstoppable tale, and my Sabretooth series occurs after Victor has escaped the second incarnation of Weapon X, led by Director Malcolm Colcord. (Additional notes and history information can be found on the main series page.)

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, I am borrowing from Marvel Comics (except for original characters and additions). All song lyrics, quotes, or poetry is credited to the artists; some of them are abbreviated. No money has or will be made with these stories, unless Kevin Feige lets me turn them into a novel someday.

FEEDBACK: Please post a review/comment if you enjoy the story. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions in your comment, I will respond as soon as I can via comment reply, email, or tweet. Thanks for Reading! – AnonGrimm  (@MET_Fic) (


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Table of Contents

1. The Devil Within
2. The Most Dangerous Game
3. The Lion and the Lamb
4. From Blinding Heights

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