Sabretooth: Overdrive (Info)

STATUS: Complete

AUTHOR: AnonGrimm = (@MET_Fic)

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CATEGORY: Angst, Hetero Erotica

PAIRING: Sabretooth / Bonnie Hale

RATING: NC-17 for “foul” language, graphic sex, extreme violence, and character death.

WARNING: If you haven’t read any Marvel Comics or seen the X-Men movies, the Notes and History sections may help. This story involves excessive violence. There may also be some canon Sabretooth misogynistic sexist stuff, too, but for Sabey fans, that’s not going to be a shock. Sabretooth is a gleeful villain and I don’t plan to redeem him here; if you like evil main characters, enjoy! If not, you might want to re-read this warning…

SUMMARY: Sabretooth’s night runs off the rails when he meets a woman named Bonnie at the end of an assassination job. He interrupts a group of undead men as they are trying to kill her and it appears they will be hard to kill. He steals her to get answers, and then gets the shock of his life when she seduces him. He promises to keep her with him, to keep her safe – but the undead soldiers are now trying to kill them both. This story is a reprise of the canon limited series, Mary Shelley Overdrive (2002), written by Dan Jolley, and fills in the blanks between panels.

TIMELINE: This story occurs a little more than a month before the events in my Redemption tale, and the first comic book shows a full moon, which makes it the Saturday night of September 21, 2002. (This may be a clue to how anal I am about details.) My Sabretooth is from the Comicsverse.

NOTES: Victor Creed (Sabretooth) has most of the same attributes and mutant gifts as his long-time nemesis, Wolverine. Mutant abilities: healing factor, heightened senses, retractable claws on hands and feet, and long canines (upper and lower). At the time of this story, Victor possesses an Adamantium skeleton and claws. It has often been established by Marvel Comics that Sabretooth is stronger than Wolverine, but that is open for debate. Contrary to his appearance and manner making him seem stupid, Victor is intelligent. He can operate (or infiltrate) complex government systems, fortresses, and weapons. He has flown the X-Men’s Blackbird jet, and accomplished many other delicate missions that others might think him incapable of. Bonnie Hale is a human, current lab tech and former prom queen, from Missouri. She happens to discover she gets a sexual thrill from danger and violence on the night that she meets Victor Creed.

HISTORY: As a boy, Victor’s mutation showed up early, possibly earlier than puberty. His memories of family involve a lot of abuse. His father repeatedly removed his claws and fangs with tools, including chopping off his hands. Eventually, his father chained him in the basement. He has killed most of his family. Due to his healing factor, he is older than he looks, and his exact birth year is unknown; it is estimated to be between 1868 and 1885. For my story, I’m going with 1868. According to Marvel Comics, Victor is not Wolverine’s father or brother. Victor was a part of the same original Weapon X program (with memory implants and blocks) and the same special ops teams with Wolverine, also working with him for the CIA in the 1960s. Victor has been a member of many groups on both sides of the law. At present, he is tired of teamwork and causes, and has returned to working as a freelance assassin, available to the highest paying clientele. He prefers clients who allow him to be “creative”. I am borrowing the parts of Victor’s history that serve my story and may at times ignore other parts. At this time, he believes the telepath Psi-Borg has removed the memory blocks and false memories of the Weapon X program, but again, some of these memories may be real or false, as serves my story; in particular, memories of his mother may still be implants in this story.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, I am borrowing from Marvel Comics, and writer Dan Jolley. All song lyrics are credited to the artists, some lyrics are abbreviated. No money has or will be made with this, unless Stan Lee lets me turn it into a novel someday.

FEEDBACK: Please post a review and rating if you enjoy the story. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions in your review, I will respond as soon as I can here, or via email or tweet. Thanks!


Author’s Note: In the canon Sabretooth limited series, Mary Shelley Overdrive (Nov. 2002, written by Dan Jolley), Victor meets Bonnie Hale and the undead men who are trying to kill her. This story is my tribute to the comics story. It is also a blatant excuse to fill in the carnal blanks that the comics couldn’t show, and perhaps add in some details they couldn’t take the time to explain. This is my favorite Sabey story and it influences my tales of him quite a bit, here and there. I highly recommend it as an excellent read. Needless to say, this story will have a critical mass level of spoilers for the comics; if you want to read the comics first and then come back here, I’ll wait for you. – AnonGrimm (@MET_Fic)


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Table of Contents

1. The Longest Night

2. It Consumes

3. To Kill the Dead

4. Keep You Safe

5. Ghosts and Monsters

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