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AUTHOR: AnonGrimm = (@MET_Fic)

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CATEGORY: Slash Erotica.

PAIRING: Sabretooth / Iron Man (IronTooth)

RATING: NC-17 for “foul” language, graphic sex, references to stalking, breathplay, minor BDSM elements, and vehicular violence.

WARNING: If you haven’t read any Marvel Comics or seen the X-Men or Iron Man movies, the Notes and History sections may help. There is also some canon Sabretooth misogynistic sexist stuff, too, but for Sabey fans, that’s not going to be a shock. Sabretooth is a gleeful villain and I don’t plan to redeem him here; if you like evil main characters, enjoy! If not, you might want to re-read this warning…

SUMMARY: Sabretooth shows up at Iron Man’s mansion in Malibu for their “second date”. Tony wants to learn how to progress things between them as well as how to put Victor at ease in his high-tech home. Victor just wants to have as much time with the inventor as he can get – convinced it will all inevitably go downhill.

TIMELINE: After Iron Man (Movie 1), before Iron Man 2: therefore, Tony is not yet an Avenger. This is the IronTooth sequel to “Cutting Edge” and it also occurs after “Vices and Virtues”, Victor’s encounter with Jean Grey in Nepal. My Sabretooth is based on the blonde mutant in the comics but Tony will be largely movieverse with a little influence from the comics.

NOTES: Victor Creed (Sabretooth) has most of the same attributes and mutant gifts as his long-time nemesis, Wolverine. Mutant abilities: healing factor, heightened senses, retractable claws on hands and feet, and long canines (upper and lower). At the time of this story, Victor possesses an Adamantium skeleton and claws (his second round of it, via a re-launched Weapon X program, a group that also enhanced his healing factor). It has often been established by Marvel Comics that Sabretooth is stronger than Wolverine, but that is open for debate. Contrary to his appearance and manner making him seem stupid, Victor is intelligent. He can operate (or infiltrate) complex government systems, fortresses, and weapons. He has flown the X-Men’s Blackbird jet, and accomplished many other delicate missions that others might think him incapable of. Tony Stark is Iron Man: billionaire playboy, genius inventor, and (eventually) an Avenger. He talks to his AI computer “JARVIS” a lot.

HISTORY: As a boy, Victor’s mutation showed up early, possibly earlier than puberty. His memories of family (which may be false implants) involve a lot of abuse. After his feral nature set in and Victor unintentionally killed his older brother Luther, his father chained him in the root celler and repeatedly, daily, removed his claws and fangs with tools. In one instance, he chopped off his son’s hands. Victor thought he killed his mother when she jumped in between the father trying to kill him with the axe but that was an implanted memory. For my story, he still isn’t sure about that and doesn’t yet remember many things about his lost childhood. However, when he chewed his hand off to escape the chain in the root cellar, he did kill his father before running away. In the comic Sabretooth: Origins, he was shown in the aftermath on a porch, holding his severed hand. He may have learned he could reattach it, a trick he knew he could do later on. Due to his healing hactor, he is older than he looks, and his exact birth year is unknown; it is estimated to be between 1868 and 1885. For my story, I’m going with 1868. According to Marvel Comics, Victor is not Wolverine’s father or brother. Victor was a part of the same original Weapon X program (with memory implants and blocks) and the same special ops teams with Wolverine, also working with him for the CIA in the 1960s. Victor has had at least one known child, a human named Graydon Creed (mother: Mystique); Graydon grew up hating mutants, especially his parents. Victor may have other unknown children due to his proclivity for rape. Victor has been a member of many groups on both sides of the law, most often working as a freelance assassin. His murderous bloodlust became an uncontrolled addiction that drove him mad for a time, relieved only by “the glow” (a blast of brain band-aid from a telepath). When his “pet” telepath Birdy was killed by Graydon, he ended up a prisoner of the X-Men while Xavier attempted to cure his madness by making him face his mental and moral horrors. Realizing that he would be cured only to be punished for his crimes, he escaped. Wolverine stopped his planned rampage in the X-Mansion by sending a claw through Victor’s brain. It rendered him a seemingly harmless and childlike creature for a time. During that period, Victor was kept in a holographic “jungle” in the Danger Room, visited clandestinely by Tabitha who wanted to believe he could be redeemed from his evil past. When he healed, Victor kept his renewed psychopathic nature a secret for a time. Escaping the X-Men again by tricking Tabitha (and nearly eviscerating Psylocke in the process), it is learned that due to the claw through his brain, he no longer needs “the glow”; also, it is almost impossible now for a telepath to sense, track, or control him. Tabitha was devastated and changed her entire personality and codename to cope with her guilt. The X-Men recapture Victor and hand him over to the government. He ends up doing a turn as a member of X-Factor with Mystique (both of them wearing control collars), though it was later revealed that he had been a “sleeper agent”, meant to kill members of the team that the government couldn’t control. He was forced back into the re-launched Weapon X program (where he was bonded with Adamantium again) but then escaped them. At present, he is tired of teamwork and causes, and has returned to working as a freelance assassin, available to the highest paying clientele. He prefers clients who allow him to be “creative”. I am borrowing the parts of Victor’s history that serve my story and may at times ignore other parts. At this time, he believes the telepath Psi-Borg has removed the memory blocks and false memories of the Weapon X program but again, some of these memories may be real or false, as serves my story; in particular, he has no conscious memory of his two younger siblings in this story, though they are present in some of his nightmares which he mostly forgets after waking up. Most people know what Iron Man’s history is about and many of you may know far more than me. I’m mostly using Comics Sabretooth and Movieverse Iron Man. Movieverse Tony Stark was being a rich inventor/playboy with few morals and a lot of vices. Then he got attacked and kidnapped by terrorists who already had a lot of his weapons, to his shock and horror. Instead of building the Jericho missile for them, he built the first arc reactor to keep shrapnel from digging deeper into his heart, and then used it to power his first Iron Man suit, the Mark I. Many suits and arc reactors followed and Tony had a newfound conviction to get his weapons and tech out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. As Iron Man, he discovered a new passion for taking the villains down and saving the innocent. In his armor, he is a very powerful hero – without it, he is very vulnerable but still a genius inventor.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters, locations, situations, terminology and history involved here (with the exception of Original Characters), I am borrowing from Marvel Comics. All song lyrics are credited to the artists, some lyrics are abbreviated. No money has or will be made with this, unless Stan Lee lets me turn it into a novel someday.

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Table of Contents

  1. Taming of the Beast
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land
  3. Draggin’ the Line
  4. Long Dark Teatime of the Soul
  5.  A Sea for Me to Swim
  6. A Lie like a Lullaby
  7. One and One is Two

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