Sabretooth: Over the Edge – Chapter 2 – Stranger in a Strange Land

Here in the dark I can see who you are
I see so clearly
The beat of my heart just stops and starts
Whenever you’re near me
I just gotta thank you, all the love I gave you
Came and you took it all away
And now there is no pain
there’s everything to gain here
Now that I’m lost I think I’ll stay

In hell, there’s comfort in these flames and I don’t feel a thing
In hell, I’ll forget your name here, you’ll become a stranger
Become a stranger
I’ll forget your name here, you’ll become a stranger
you’ll become a stranger

~ Stranger (Skrillex)


The house above the workshop was surreal, alien, and largely circular. As Tony led him through it, he felt like he’d walked into a giant concrete conch seashell. Without the vaulted spaceship ceilings, skylight and panoramic windows, and the dichotomy of the warm earthy atmosphere, he would have felt an intense need to get out of it fast.

He had dismissed the warning about the stairs but some of them did give him a wiggins, especially the ones that had no frame, rail, or even base. They were thin and narrow concrete-over-steel platforms that looked like they had been inserted into the wall. He growled when Tony glanced back and saw him hesitate. It was enough to get him up them but the fear that they would not support his weight lingered.

Victor was led to what had to be the master suite. The huge bed, bound to be his favorite feature, could only be described as an odd modern art sculpture with a mattress and bedding on top.

Large open spaces with little clusters of fancy furniture here and there and the familiar type of floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows he preferred himself helped him shake off the nagging sensation of being led into a pretty cage.

The bed faced a long and low hearth, no mantelpiece, with a massive and confusing piece of art above it that was bound to hide a television screen. The wall of glass was bare with no curtains in sight. A short balcony wall and metal rail on the other side gave the illusion of being on a cruiseship.

Victor moved to the glass and saw nothing but night, stars, and ocean. He knew they were not in the flying saucer section of the house that hung over the cliff of Point Dume, because the window wasn’t curved. They were probably behind and below it.

That musta been tha bigger room we went through t’ get here – tha one I didn’t look at as much as tha view o’ Tony’s ass.

Tony was getting comfortable in the center of the bed and Victor could feel the man watching him.

“I have to admit – it’s a little strange to see you standing in my house.”

“Guess ya like bein’ roasted when tha sun hits tha window?”

“It dims on a time clock if I want it to.”

“Tha sun?” Victor turned and smirked at him to cover the unsettling awkwardness he felt.

Tony’s smile was bright and warm as he chuckled. “No, the window; come here…” He held his hand up and Victor went to take it, allowing him to tug him onto the bed. “See?” he said, tugging until he was almost on top of him. “Womb-like, as promised.”

Victor pinned him, held his face still and kissed him deeply. Breaking it to stare into those pretty brown eyes that danced with fresh mischief, he whispered, “Not gonna lie, I feel like I don’t belong here.”

When Tony shifted, Victor let him go and then drew in a deep breath as he watched him pull his knees up and spread them wide. His toes were already curling into the bedcover.

“That’s because you belong here,” he replied, his fingers stroking an inner thigh. “This time, I’ll let you do a proper prep – since I plan to be under you as often as on you.”

A purr thrummed as he moved between his legs. “Am I ‘sposed t’ show myself out in tha mornin’, so’s ya don’t gotta hide in tha workshop an’ leave Pepper t’ get rid o’ me?”

“Definitely not – you’re worth morning sex.”

Tony handed him some silky lube in a tell-tale white and blue bottle that he must have pulled out from under a pillow. It was far superior to the goop he had downstairs. Apparently, they had the same favorite brand.

“The lights are staying on too, I want to see you. They’ll dim and turn off after midnight if we pass out.”

Victor took the bottle and slipped down to lick and toy with everything in reach. When he sucked the pretty cock, he worked lubed fingers into the tight ass and thrust them in and out for a while as Tony threw his head back on the pillows and groaned.

“Is that three fingers? It feels like three… Time to play tonsil hockey from the other end, honey.”

“Got no patience, do ya?” Victor teased.

“I do, actually, just not in bed.”

The purr broke into a low growl as Victor got onto his knees, settled on his haunches, and yanked Tony up his thighs to spear his ass for old time’s sake. He thrust easy and slow, shallow, just to make him writhe.

When he couldn’t handle the torment of waiting anymore, he aimed for Tony’s next indrawn breath and shoved deep. The desperate sound that got him made him snarl as the pleasure overwhelmed him. He held the toned legs against his hips, snarling again with the effort to keep the claws out of his thighs.

Victor stared at the pretty blue glow of the arc reactor as he got lost in the sensations of having this man again. He had tried to run from it, struggled to stop wanting it, but the craving already went too deep. His thrusts slowed, became languid, as he attempted to savor how it felt. This mating would be over soon enough … and once he turned over the weapon, it would be done.

Glancing up to see Tony watching him, those eyes excited and intense, he pulled his thighs wider and leaned down to catch the leaking cock in his lips. Using his tongue and blunt front teeth he pinched it between them to bring it up and then worked his throat and tongue to swallow it in like prey down the gullet of a snake.

“Look mom, no hands,” Tony quipped, before he gasped.

With his long back bowed, hips thrusting his cock deep, Victor relaxed his throat and began to suck Tony’s cock into it. Just short of cutting off his airway, he purred again to vibrate the thing and watched avidly as Tony’s body bucked helplessly in his hold.

“Victor, shit… I –”

The words were caught in the scream he tried to contain behind clenched teeth as his shuddering cock spilled straight down Victor’s throat.

As he followed a handful of strokes later, Victor made no attempt to keep quiet. It was all he could do to suck the last drop from the sweet cock before letting it fall to Tony’s sweaty abs. Arching up and back, he buried himself inside the man as far as he could push as his roar rang out and rattled the glass.

Tony laid there, still and panting, as Victor gently backed out of his body. He settled beside him and began to pull his back into his chest.

Tony whispered, “I was serious about morning sex. Don’t you dare sneak off.”

“Yes, Tony…”

Victor smirked at his chuckle and then scented and nuzzled his hair. He wished he could fill the man until it dripped back out around his shaft. It was difficult not to thrust himself, hard and ready again, into the cleft of that ass.

“What are you thinking?” Tony asked, looking at him over his shoulder.

Victor stared into his eyes. They were lighter near the dark iris edges. A contrasting almost russet brown star pattern burst around both pupils, the points of the stars streaking into the warm coffee brown. His lashes were black and lush. When Tony smiled, the amusement always reached those eyes.

For a moment, he couldn’t talk. “Ya probly don’t wanna know.”

“Try me.”

Victor shifted slightly, pressing against him more. His arm moved, his hand finding the arc reactor in Tony’s lightly hairy chest. A streak of silky lube was smeared over the cover as his palm rested on it.

“Need more…” he whispered, dropping his gaze.

Tony’s smaller but strong hand covered his over the reactor. “Me, too.”

“Ya want…?”

“Do it, okay? I trust you.”

His heat twitched in his veins and he had to work at being careful. He found the Sylk bottle by scent and got the man slicked and loose again. As gently as fierce need could manage, he guided himself back in slow and shallow.

“Go easy.”

“Ya don’t gotta –”

Tony pushed his hips back closer, working another inch inside. He smiled again and puckered his lips for a kiss over his shoulder.

Victor kissed him with a quiet passionate need and kissed his brow when he slowly pushed his cock deeper.

“I want you to get your fill,” Tony told him, his tone soft as he laid his head back down. “In the morning, I want to wake up with your teeth in my scars. I like to see them in the mirror. They’ve faded a little, I only have three – and I have a lot of orange juice.”

Unable to answer, he swallowed hard and began a gentle thrusting rhythm.

“Don’t take it personally if I fall asleep on you – I’ve been running missions since yesterday.”

Victor hesitated. “I can stop…”

“No, don’t … if you need it, just keep doing it.”

After a few minutes of silence, Tony gasped, moaned and pushed back again. Grasping Victor’s wrist, he placed his hand over his cock.

“You feel just as good this way. My God, that thing – it feels like being stretched to the limit. You can palm the reactor … after…”

“Tony…” he breathed, as his fingers curled, possessive and eager, around that hardening heat.

~ ~ ~

As the cloudy opaque dimmer faded from the glass, light crept in, warming the room and waking Victor gently. He knew exactly where he was and who was in his arms by scent and the feel and sound of the arc reactor under his palm.

If he had dreamed at all, he couldn’t remember it. A quiet sense of having slept soundly and peacefully crept over him.

When a soft mechanized voice, vaguely male and weirdly British, began to tell him about the weather and surf conditions, he twitched. Recognizing it as the voice of the UFO house, he managed to not growl, shivered a bit, and curled closer against Tony’s warm back.

He’d wallowed in him long after the lights had dimmed out but as the man had started to fade into sleep, Victor had pulled out of that friction-heated and filled comfort and used him as a pillow instead.

Careful not to jostle him, he moved slightly and let Tony ease onto his back. Leaning over and across his chest, he tried to ignore the talking house as he opened his jaw and set all four fang points over the trio of scars at the join of the neck and shoulder on his right side. He pierced the older marks and the smooth sweet skin so slow and gently, that Tony didn’t immediately wake. A little deeper, and the blood flowed. His lower fangs were so long that he had to use his tongue to catch it while they were slicing in, barely more than a quarter of an inch.

His hackles had begun to rise moments before as the scent he’d been ignoring along with the mechanized voice was translated by the inner beast as a threat. When a high-pitched scream broke out as the door opened, Victor froze to avoid rending teeth through flesh. Tony woke with a start and Victor held him still until he could safely pull his fangs free.

The blood welled and began to spill. With a hostile growl, he brought his lips down to cover the punctures. The taste of it entered his mouth and the beast within began to suckle and drink greedily from the precious fount.

“Let go, get away!”

“Pepper, stop!” Tony cried out, holding up a palm to halt her intention to strike with a small decorative pillow she had found on the floor. “I asked him to,” he told her. “Now let’s not have an accident, okay?”

Glaring at her, Victor growled again. He wouldn’t have hurt her but with instinct shrieking at him to defend the mate, it was hard to stop. The blood in his mouth and coating his throat helped to calm him, the suckling a mesmerizing comfort.

“Tony, oh my God…”

“It’s okay, I swear. We’re all consenting adults, here.”

“He’s drinking your… Oh, I feel dizzy…”

“Can we, maybe, have a minute?”

“I’m not leaving you alone! Tony, what is this?”

“Um… You may need to be more specific.”

“Would you please ask … him … to stop doing that?”


“Biting and … drinking you.”

“At the moment, he’s stopping the bleeding; I’d rather not interrupt that. I know I keep forgetting to lock doors but really, there are advantages to knocking anyway, am I right? Am I late for something? I thought I had the weekend off.”

Victor licked at the wounds and when they stopped bleeding, he moved back and sat in a slouch with legs crossed and pulled the sheet into his lap. He wanted to pull Tony into him the moment the man sat up but resisted the urge. He wasn’t his to lay claim to.

Trying to calm and managing to stop growling, he stared at the woman in the charcoal suit through his messy hair from behind Tony.

“Mornin’, darlin’,” he greeted her at last. “How’s yer car?”

“Wow. Okay,” Tony muttered. He huffed out a breath. “Pepper Potts, this is Victor Creed. Victor, Pepper… Why are we talking about your car?”

“We met last night; he stopped a drunk driver from crashing me off a bridge. I had no idea…!” She caught herself before her voice got too shrill and by the look of her, it was a struggle to regain some control. “Tony, I had … no idea.”

“Oh. Um… Pepper? I like guys, too. I know, my little black book may as well be the U.S. Census, I’m sorry I never told you… What?” he said to her raised eyebrow, crossed arms, and tapping foot.

Victor leaned in and kissed the fresh bite. “That’s tha face o’ a woman who already guessed that, flyboy.” Looking up at her, he added, “I should go – but I got no idea how t’ get my clothes outta that Matrix garage without makin’ a mess.”

“Stay right here,” Tony told him. “Pepper, would you please bring me my robe, behind you on the chair? Then we can go talk. Thanks,” he said when she tossed it near him onto the bed.

She dropped the pillow and went back to the door. “I’ll be in the living room. My car is in the shop – thanks again … Mr. Creed.” She huffed out a breath and left, her heels clicking fast on the stairs.

Tony turned back to Victor. “Yikes – ‘Red Alert’ in the flesh. Sorry about that. No leaving, okay?”

Victor shrugged. “Where’s tha john in this bloody UFO?”

“That way, around the curve. You saved her last night?”

“She’d probly tell it better.”

Before he could get up, Tony scooted closer and kissed him. “Really sorry and thank you, I owe you big time – again. I can’t function without her. So you’re staying, right?”

“Long as yer holdin’ my clothes, phone, an’ rifle hostage, yeah.”

“Excellent. You won’t need clothes much if I get my way.” Tony kissed him again, with heat. “Even with the Defcon Two interruption, waking up to your bite was delicious – and I hope I was.” Tony winked at him. “Damage control calls … I’ll be right back.”

When he left the room, hurriedly tying the robe closed, Victor got up and went to the open door. He had no trouble hearing them as Pepper told him about the bridge and Tony freaked out over it.

“Hey, house – do ya talk t’ anybody ‘sides ‘im?”

“I do,” the odd British voice replied.

It was hard to tell where it was coming from, even for his ears. It seemed to be coming from everywhere at once.

Damn thing’s probly in tha ceilin’ an’ walls but from several spots… “So are ya allowed t’ talk t’ me?”

“I have no specific instructions regarding you, other than your current status of ‘guest’. Regular guest protocols are currently active.”

“Yeah … right – whatever. Can ya tell me how t’ spring my clothes outta tha basement?”

“Guests are not authorized to enter the workshop without express permission from Mr. Stark, preferably not without him present.”

Victor growled. “Natch. It’s been stimulatin’, Skynet – now fuck off.” He stalked away to find the john.


“You asked to be woken up this morning as of yesterday afternoon. ‘Barge in if you have to’ is a direct quote.”

Tony got as far as the coffee table, got distracted by wishing he had a mug of coffee sitting on it, and then dragged his attention back to Pepper before she could start to glare at him.

“Okay. Sorry for shocking you near to death and I’m sorry about the bridge mess, too.”

“Why was he biting you?”

“I asked him to?”


“It’s … sexy.”

“I don’t know what to say to that, so I’ll just tell you that I was going to ask if you could spare me for the weekend. The meeting you ditched in San Francisco went great but I had way too much excitement on my scenic leisurely drive home, so I’d like to take a couple of days…?”

“Oh, sure – no problem.”

“You’ll be okay? Tony, he looks very dangerous and JARVIS said he’s a wanted felon.”

Tony sighed. “Remember last fall when I was in the Arctic Circle with a friend and I wouldn’t tell you much about it?”


“That was Victor. He saved my life – twice. I’ll tell you all about it later. We had a little trench-bonding and well…” His shoulders slumped a fraction. “Did you really already know? About … me and … guys?”

Pepper gave him a tight tiny smile. “Of course I know. You don’t like skiing all that much. After the third ‘ski trip’ with the latest male underwear model from Brazil or France, I had it figured out; it’s perfectly fine.”

“Okay.” Tony sat on the tan leather couch and slumped low. I want a shower … and coffee – maybe a shower of coffee… “I should’ve just told you.”

“That would have been nice.”

Rubbing at his facial hair, he frowned. “What did you mean by ‘had no idea’ then?”

Pepper looked uncomfortable and began to pace in front of the coffee table. “I didn’t want to pry; it’s your business…”

“Not wanting to is an important distinction, I imagine…” He arched an eyebrow at her. “When you looked Victor up, I suppose JARVIS mentioned he was in the workshop with me?”

“Yes, and after the bridge incident, I was very concerned.”

“I can’t blame you for that. I was pretty concerned when I met him for the first time.”

“Well, aside from not being anything like a Brazilian underwear model, Creed just reeks ‘sociopath’. He’s a mercenary assassin and a former member – I hope ‘former’ – of a grab bag of organizations and groups that should be in prison. Also, he was an operative for the CIA during the Cold War. I don’t even want to know why he doesn’t have gray hair. I had no idea that you would – go with – an internationally wanted criminal accused of such hideous crimes. I know you can get a little myopic in the pursuit of that sort of thing but have you even considered that he could have been paid to steal secrets from you? He might have saved me to get in good with you for exactly that reason.”

“Ah, no, to that last bit – he brought me one of Hydra’s developmental secret weapons, a very black market pricey one, just because I said I wanted it. They shot me down with it and he saved me, the first time, while hired to capture it. I’ve been forgetting to call him back about delivery arrangements for months, so he brought it out anyway. He could have sold it to the highest bidder instead, which would have made a huge problem for everybody, but he didn’t.”

“Tony, if this is one of your fleeting obsessions, it’s a dangerous one. Maybe the CIA is technically ‘our side’ but he was on a wet works team – and the picture I found? Forget gray hair – he doesn’t look even one day older.”

“I wouldn’t get too excited over the Cold War thing – he also fought in every major conflict of the last century, starting with World War I. The healing talent is why no gray hair. Did you spend half the night in the library getting JARVIS to help you research him?”

“I was waiting for you to come up and talk to me, JARVIS told you that.”

Tony laid his head back against the couch. “About the crash and you were freaked and I blew off the message… Wow. Really, really, sorry. Why didn’t you come down?”

“Because you had ‘company’.”

“JARVIS, I may have to muzzle you on some topics – and don’t interrupt! Pepper, if you’ve just been through hell and you need me – you can tell me that. I’d have come up to see you. Listen, jumping in to save people here and there appears to be a character flaw of this particular sociopath. He didn’t do it to bamboozle me for stealing secrets – he didn’t even tell me it happened. Possibly he was motivated by not wanting me to go upstairs – but still.”

“You already knew about the rest – being a hired killer, a mercenary specializing in infiltrating ‘impossible to breach’ security systems … espionage, terrorism…”

“Yes … I did.”

She stopped pacing and faced him with an incredulous expression on her pretty but worried face. “Why would you bring someone like that into your house?”

“Did I mention trench-bonding? We destroyed a Hydra research base together – two against hundreds, guns and repulsors blazing, it was seriously epic. I wanted to wrap him up in an American flag – except that he’s pretty stuck on being Canadian… Now I’m spoiling the story for you.”

“Your Brazilian wasn’t a vampire and the one time I did meet him, he didn’t growl at me.”

“No, but he also wouldn’t have jumped between two cars to save you – and tossing 3,300 pounds of Olds Cutlass off a cliff isn’t usually typed up on the back of a headshot photo under ‘hobbies’…” Tony crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at her. “And Torres isn’t mine, technically – I just rent him. I found him in the ‘cute but vapid’ aisle, it was an impulse acquisition, really.” There goes the glare… Oops. That was supposed to be funny. Crap.

“Don’t change the subject. The way you looked and the drinking your neck – I thought he had killed you!”

He tried to remain serious but the smile wouldn’t stay down. “I loved your plan to avenge me with a decorative pillow.”

When her shoulders slumped a little, he dared to hope her need to rant might be satisfied.

‘Kid gloves for the redheads’, as dad always used to say… “So … considering enthusiastic consent, saving me twice, and the fact that you didn’t go over a bridge last night because of him… What do you think, besides ‘sociopath and felon’?”

“Tony… I’ve seen him crushed between two cars and heal himself in a few minutes. He picked up my car and threw another one off a cliff in a rage. He carries a sniper rifle as if it was a part of him and I saw him attack you like a furry Dracula. I may need a spa weekend before I can safely form an opinion about him.”

“Fair enough – they all take your company card.” He tried a you-can’t-stay-mad-at-me smile and got a grudging one in return.

“Is he a danger to you? Or are you safe? I can stay…”

“Standing around holding little pillows all day? No, I’m safe, I swear. He wouldn’t hurt me. He’s a fanboy.”

“I bet if I asked Rhodey or Coulson, I’d get a very different assessment.”

“Let’s not, though. I’d like a quiet weekend.”

“You know Happy would blow a fuse and die from worry – faster than I am.”

“Ah, yeah, about that – could you pass on that I’m staying home and give him the weekend off, too? Maybe without mentioning who is keeping me company?”

Pepper sighed. “Okay, I will – if you promise to be safe. That is a frightening person. I mean, he was kind to me and saved me but… Just please be careful.”

“You got it.”

When she left in a company car, he got up and headed back to his bedroom. Victor was standing nude at the window again, in the warm morning sun.

Tony thought about all that Pepper had said as well as what he’d discovered in the files INTERPOL and SHIELD had on the mutant and what he had seen Victor do in person. Hank McCoy’s assessment and things Ryu Obinata had said also weighed on him. He knew he should keep it all on a back burner somewhere but he didn’t want to worry about being on opposite sides of the moral fence right now.

This is a bedroom – not a boardroom or a battlefield. “Last night makes a convincing argument on the value of being able to remember what we did when I wake up.”

He had thought the mutant was looking at the ocean, until he lifted a hand and touched one of the displays about surfing conditions on the window – thankfully with the claws put away.

“Do you surf?”

“Nope. What is all this?”

“I don’t like having to check a computer to get my weather report, so I programmed the computer to just tell me.”

“Yer creepy disembodied voice makes this? It could just tell ya like it did earlier. It ain’t a projection from anywhere I can tell – how’d ya get it on tha window?”

“If you think that’s a neat trick, the workshop toys are going to blow your mind.”

When Victor touched the international display command and the readout spread over the window in front of his face, he twitched, growled, and swiped his fingers at it.

Tony chuckled. “My kingdom for a laser pointer.”

Coming up behind him, he brushed the long hair aside and caressed the large body on the way to wrapping his arms around him.

“Do you really want me to explain how the window works? I’d rather drag you back to bed.”

“Is yer attack assistant fetchin’ more pillows t’ threaten me with?”

“She left for a spa weekend – I’m adept at damage control.”

“Probly from all tha practice.”

Victor pulled him in front of him, back against his barrel chest. Slowly, he peeled him out of the robe and tossed it aside on the floor. The way he drank in the sight of his body gave Tony a rush. Remembering the electric sexual rage the feral had displayed in New York City made his dick hard in no time.

Thick and potentially lethal fingertips explored the arc reactor while the mutant watched the reflection of his sun-dappled body through the display readout about rain in Paris.

“Almost mailed yer gadget an’ went home.”

“Worth your weight in stamps?” he teased, leaning back into him.

“Ya ever look at those months-old texts?”

“I did – I get … distracted.” Tony looked up at their reflections again and saw Victor watching him – assessing him, maybe. “I’m challenged in the replying area; you really shouldn’t take it personally.”

“Takes two seconds t’ respond, so maybe it’s a lack o’ basic want t’. It’s obvs yer Number One don’t like me much – yer house don’t, neither. Gotta say, never had t’ worry ‘bout what a damn house thought o’ me before. Point bein’, if ya’d rather I leave, lemme know.”

“I’m the guy trying to lure you back into bed. Victor, I’m not sure what you’re thinking but this isn’t about owing you one … or three… What we went through in the Arctic, Halloween, New York – it changed my assessment of you. I brought you into my home because I want to share some time – mostly horizontal time, but I’m betting you won’t mind that. To be honest, this isn’t what I normally do, as you know – but I just cleared from now to Monday morning and I’d like it if you stayed until then. No staff will be onsite, the housekeeping crew is only here mid-week; I have one daily cleaning lady, she mostly washes dishes, and she keeps out of my way. The only other person we might see is the cook but honestly, I order in a lot. I like my privacy.”

Victor lowered his head to nuzzle Tony’s hair. “Yer cute in babble mode… I’ll need my phone later; I actually do check an’ answer my texts. If I ain’t allowed t’ waltz in there an’ get my stuff, I’d rather it was in here.”

“Sure. I always let my friends with benefits keep their high-powered sniper rifles in my bedroom; I just haven’t mounted the guest gunrack in here yet.”

Grinning, Victor grabbed and tossed him onto the bed. He couldn’t help laughing by the time he landed.

When the mutant put a knee down next to him, Tony grasped the thick cock and squeezed, chuckling as it sparked that velvet purr.

“Maybe next time,” Victor responded with a smirk.

“I’m glad you popped up, even if you did shoot my house.”

“If only I’d known how annoyin’ it was gonna be. Woulda shot it twice.”

The sexy growl was thrummed close over Tony’s skin down his torso. It made him shiver with lust as Victor moved down to lick at his pubic hair, lapping teasingly at the base of his cock.

“Love tha taste o’ yer sex…”

Tony groaned. “I’m not even sure what that means, but God I love how dirty it sounds.”

“Mmm… Gonna be my bitch?”

Tony let out a bark of a laugh as he remembered one of their phone calls. “That’s right, you like a bit of dirty talk. Did the mud puddles and sweaty gym socks get you anywhere?”

Victor chuckled. Their eyes met and Tony smiled to see his sheepish yet amused expression.

“Kept ya talkin’ awhile ‘bout yer tech fer tha Memory Image Inducer just so I could try t’ jack off without ya knowin’ it.”

“I assumed you were eager to get back to the woman you thought I was. How did it go?”

“With tha woman?” Victor smirked.

“No, with jacking off to my oh-so-hot pugnacious tech talk loaded with odium.”

The cat eyes widened and then narrowed. “Yer which loaded with what-tha-fuck?”

“Sorry, couldn’t resist poking you – I was more grumpy and annoyed than alluring on that call.”

“Oh… Don’t matter none. Ya hung up on me too fast – had t’ fall back on tha porn collection.”

“It should matter, actually. I didn’t know what I was missing then, however. Have you used the MII to see me?”


“Why not?” Tony found the lube and tossed it to him.

“Still tryin’ t’ land ya – hope springs eternal. Maybe after ya drop me fer tha next skivvies model, might could give that a whirl.”

“What is a skivvy? Underwear, obviously, but what a word.”

Tony didn’t mind that Victor didn’t reply. He was fine with that rasp of a tongue stroking up the underside of his cock. Still, there were other things crowding into his thoughts at once and he wanted all of them. He reached down and grabbed a fist-full of blonde curling hair and tugged to make Victor look at him.

“Fuck me,” he invited, hoping that his companion would like the raunchy melodramatically dirty tone, even if he felt a bit silly saying it. “Lick me open and fuck me. I want to be your bitch.”

Victor smirked again and fell into a soft laughter that was so weirdly charming that Tony didn’t even mind being laughed at.

“Flip it. Ain’t a sub bone in yer body, flyboy. Call me yer cunt – order me t’ service ya.”

“Of course you love the C-word.”


“Shut up, cunt,” Tony replied, turning his voice into the crack of a whip. “I told you to fuck me.”

“Ooo … yeah. Time t’ change tha game…”

He wasn’t prepared for Victor to flip him onto his stomach with a simple grab and twist of his hips. One huge paw was stuffed under him until the whole set was parked on the hot skin of the palm. When slicked fingers and winding tongue began to fight to get into his ass with an urgency that nearly felt frantic, his hips thrust against the hand – almost involuntarily.

“There ya go, pretty boy. Thrust that thing – its got nowhere t’ go an’ all mornin’ t’ get there. Earn my cock.”

“God, Victor…”

His brain swam with lust. The hand stuffed under him was pressing up, giving him no room to find some friction. Relentless and skilled, just this side of frighteningly out of control, Victor worked him open. It set his body on fire.

Three fingers finally began to push inside. When they were stuffed in, Tony gasped at how quickly they left him empty again – and then came the long and winding tongue, strong enough on its own to thrust in and fuck him.

“Do you want me to beg?” he asked in a strangled whisper, knowing he wouldn’t be answered. The undulating of the wet and rough tongue inside him felt both creepily weird and hot as hell at once – like being screwed by some alien plant. I want more, I need more… “I want the claws…” The memory of them burned.

He was surprised when he didn’t feel them. Tongue-fucked and unable to thrust, he tried to escape just to see what the feral would do.

A weight, a pressure, settled on his lower back. Light as a tickle, he felt the claws poise right over his flesh.

“Yes,” he gulped out. “Make me. I want it – I want it…”

It all stopped at once and he could barely breathe. He closed his eyes tight as the hands left him.

Weight shifted. The first nudge of that broad cockhead was close to frightening but he needed it so much, he couldn’t care.

“Want it, bitch?”

“God, yes.”

“Gonna fuck ya blind, now.”

It pushed in deep all at once. It felt too stretched, it hurt, he needed it to stop – then he shoved away the fear, an act that was part of the excitement, and forced his body to relax and allow the brutally delicious thrusts.

“Bite,” he gasped out. When Victor hesitated, he growled his own threat. “Bite me, you fucking cunt!”


The ferocity lanced right through his balls and hauled fangs to that throat far too fast.

Forcing a deep breath into his lungs, he dropped his jaw and set Tony’s whole neck in his mouth just long enough for him to feel the serrated pin-pricks of the carnassial teeth. Pulling it back, he pinched either side of the spine carefully in his fangs and fucked through the shudders of the body under him as Tony managed to come half-buried in bedding and soft mattress.

Victor continued to play with angles to stike against or rub over the man’s prostate as he came, waiting until Tony was limp and trembling. When he released his spine, he grinned down at his conquered lover.

“Gonna come now, gonna fill ya ‘til yer drippin’. Then I’m plannin’ t’ leave ya sticky – just like a good li’l bitch.”

Tony gave him a whisper of a broken moan, the scent of the man’s heat thick enough to catch on his barbed tongue.

The moment he filled that beautiful body with his seed, he forgot to breathe.

~ ~ ~

Victor lay still, afraid that if he moved, his lover might stop leaning against him like he actually wanted to be there.

“Wow … I feel drunk.”

“How ya like ‘em naughty words now?”

“I concede – in bed, nowhere near anyone else … they can be hot. So just curious, why the switch in theme? I thought you were chasing having me boss you. Mind you, that – animalistic aggression thing, whatever that is – just … fries my circuits. Clearly. How do you keep at it while not snapping my head off, literally? And how wide can you open your mouth, anyway? It’s all a bit surprising because normally I’m not a fan of not being in control.”

“I noticed. Which one o’ ‘em questions ya want answered tha most?”

“The theme switch one.”

“Thought ya’d respond nicely t’ takin’ tha reins an’ then havin’ ‘em taken away from ya.”

“Good call. You cheat, though – you can smell that I’m into it.”

“Ain’t always much advantage with ya.”

“Why not?”

“Dunno – maybe cuz o’ yer speedy brains. Pretty quick on tha draw with emotions, too.”

“I’m often called ‘mercurial’ but I suspect it isn’t always meant as a compliment.”

Victor smiled but Tony couldn’t see it. He fell into listening to the soft sound of the thing in his chest as sleep tugged at his unraveling thoughts.

Yawning, Tony moved off him to lie at his side. “You said you haven’t gotten much sleep lately – I vote nap.”

“Sounds good,” he replied, but Tony was already out.

Victor watched the man sleep beside him a while before cuddling in closer to grab a nap. One finger tapped and stroked over the surface of the endlessly spinning arc reactor. When it fell still to rest on it and the sweet scent of his lover infused his every breath, he could find the courage again to sleep in the warm and soft morning sun, curled up around him.


Tony woke and saw the feral sleeping on his belly next to him. Remaining as still as he could, he was amazed to see the expressive face relaxed and smooth in sleep. One hand was still on the arc reactor, a tiny glint of metal needles gleaming in every fingertip, too short to extend past the smooth skin. One lower fang had nearly stabbed into a pillow. His breathing was deep and even; Tony had never heard him snore.

He sank into the mattress more, a fact that made Tony smile. Impulsively, he moved his hand to touch the longer fur that ran down the top of the spine. It was soft and laying flat like the rest until he stroked a fingertip from the top to where it ended mid-back. As if he’d disturbed it, it began to rise slightly. The similar fur strip that started again at the lower back and went right over the tailbone remained flat.

Piloerection, like Hank’s report said – that’s how it hackles up, caused by the sympathetic nervous system, and something making the muscles contract. It’s an involuntary reaction triggered by cold to retain body heat or by shock, insecurity, defensiveness, aggression or fright – even by arousal. Geez, I wonder how they tested for that one.

Tony glanced back at his face and twitched when he saw the soft and searching amber stare under heavy eyelids. The eyelashes were dark, thick, and long enough to make most women jealous. The pupils were almost round before they began to contract into pointed ovals.

“Morning … again – without any screaming this time, bonus. Roll onto your back for me, honey?” He didn’t ask why, he just complied and went on watching him silently. Tony took in the sculpted muscles with a smile of appreciation. “You have a beautiful, powerful body. May I?” he asked, a hand poised over him. It was maybe a needless question after the purr started up.

Victor nodded, still silent. Tony sat up, scooted closer, and ran his hands over soft fur and skin that covered hard muscle. He left the little circular scars he’d found before alone this time.

“Cat got your tongue?” The slow spread of the lips to reveal that sharp smile made Tony smirk.

“Keep callin’ me pretty an’ I’ll probly let ya fuck me.”

“Later, definitely – I want a shower.”

“What fer? We’re just gonna get all dirty again. Maybe we oughta spend tha whole weekend in bed.”

Tony smiled as he stroked the backs of his fingers over Victor’s amazing abs. “I can think of one good reason to get out of bed – you appear to be hungry. I may actually be hungry. I shall be gallant and offer to cook for you, since the official cook may not be here this late.”

“What time is it? Ain’t gotta clock anywhere.”

Holding his gaze, he called out, “JARVIS, what time is it?”

“Just after one o’clock, sir. Miss Pots told the cook to take the day off.”

“Thanks,” he replied, and winked at Victor.

“Bloody annoyin’,” the feral groused. “Does it watch us fuck? I never mind an audience, I’m good ‘nuff at it t’ deserve one. Kiss me.”

“Shower first.”


“That’s me.” Tony rose and walked backward to lure him out of bed. “If you’re good, I may let you kiss me in the shower.”

“Yeah? Where?”

Laughing, Tony turned and led the way, fascinated all over again that he couldn’t hear it as Victor followed him.

Somehow, they managed to get clean surrounded by the multiple jets of hot water – eventually. Victor’s hair took the most time but watching the wet spray rush and bead over that body was a treat while he scrubbed it and the rest of the fur clean.

They ended up kissing and touching a lot. It was addicting how passionately the mutant kissed and Tony was getting good at avoiding the sharp bits.

“Have you ever heard the saying, ‘Save water, shower with a friend’? We are going to be the cause of California’s next drought.”

Victor purred, leaned down, and licked his throat. “Need yer dick in me…”

Tony looked up at him. “Standing-up sex is going to be a challenge with you clocking in at nine inches taller than me.”

Wasting no time, the mutant went to his knees and bent over, forehead down on the wet floor of the large marble and glass-walled shower stall.

“Damn, you are … something else.” Tony’s hands grabbed the hips as he stared at the fingers he could see, splayed and growing claws over the white and gray-veined marble. “Ah, let’s play a game called ‘the shower and bathroom is made of imported Calacatta marble from Italy, please don’t kill it’, okay?”

He pressed his thumb against the soft golden fur around that amazing little muscle and toyed with not breaching it until Victor shuddered, growled, and finally groaned. Moving the thumb, one hand spread the asscheeks as the other gripped his cock. Pushing it in made him gasp.

As he began to thrust, he watched the brush of hackles along the spine rise. “Victor, shield your head, I may need to … oh, man…” He closed his eyes and shoved in roughly, but then opened them again at the sound of the palm slapping the stone. The gleam of claws had disappeared.

“Fuck me … harder… Need it,” the mutant murmured between sharp breaths.

Tony gripped the hips hard enough to bruise anyone else and made sure his feet wouldn’t slip. The hiss from the feral when he thrust in harder nearly made him come far too fast.

Grinning, he told him, “Keep still, bitch.”




Author’s Note: Rhodey and Coulson are of course Lt. Colonel James Rhodes and SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson. At this point, Pepper isn’t yet calling Coulson by his first name. The Matrix is that movie with Keanu Reeves as Neo, and Skynet is the genocide-happy AI computer from the movie Terminator. I’m doing an edit run and adding a few new humorous dialogue lines in previous chapters. It needed more punch here and there. Thanks for reading! – AnonGrimm (@MET_Fic)



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