Rammstein: Sanctuary (Info)

Till meets a troubled friend in New Orleans.

AnonGrimm ~ Rammstein ~ Real Person Fiction (RPF) ~ Rated NC-17 (explicit sex, language, and violence) ~ Till/Ayondela (OFC) ~ Angst/Hetero Erotica

“Ayondela” is pronounced, “ah-yohn-DAY-lah”

Story Disclaimer: I make no judgments concerning the sexual preferences of the members of Rammstein, nor do I claim to know what those preferences might be. This story is pure fan fiction, as the disclaimer states.

General Disclaimer: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. No money has or will be made with this.

Notice: None of these stories are to be posted anywhere, in whole or in part, without the author’s permission.

Author’s Note: For those unfamiliar with the German band Rammstein, Till is the singer, Richard and Paul are guitarists, Flake’s on keyboards, Oliver is the bass player, and Chris is the drummer. Caron is Richard’s American wife.  If the boys are speaking to each other, they’ll be speaking in German, with English reserved for talking to the cops. I don’t know German nearly well enough to type much of it, though, so please imagine it with me.

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