A selection of favorite reviews, comments, and feedback that have been posted on AnonGrimm’s stories over the years:

For all the people listed here, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Your kind words are fuel to the writing soul of my muse. I can’t put everyone’s comments here, but please know that I appreciate every one of them. I also plan to read this page when my muse needs a kick in the booty to get back to writing…. 

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For “Redemption” : Nice. I love Vic anyway, but a lot of authors forget that he’s not just a jerk, he’s a psycho. I love the idea of him having a kinship with animal predators like Logan does, going all the way back to when Claremont was writing him *when he was romping around with Kazar’s sabertooth cat, Zabu*. I love that this is canon X-men fic, something there isn’t enough of on this site *a person can only read so much Evo and movieverse*, and I love the internal monologue for each character, and it’s more of a challenge than I would want writing a story to have to switch back and forth from masculine and feminine mindsets and moods. I’ll keep an eyeball peeled for updates to this fic. I can’t wait to see what you do with these two next. Love it, too, that Vic is bi in this story. Makes sense, with him being such a misogynist. ~ OriginalCeeNote, 3-16-2010

For “Redemption” : I have to admit, I love the way this is going. I think your getting Creed spot on and I love the use of information picked up from the Mary Shelley overdrive series of comics. I love that line of comics. I think they reveal a lot more about creed than other comics do. And I think you’ve captured him perfectly.
please update soon. ~ MrsCreed, 3-28-2010

For “Redemption” : Hello there! Darlin, I registered JUST to review this. An EXCELLENT piece of work. absolute brilliance. I ADORE Sabertooth in the light you’ve portrayed him and you’ve done a marvelous job at getting your audience (or maybe just me!) to agree with his thinking, to get inside his head. WONDERFUL work, I really hope you update soon!!!! ~ Ishani Nara, 4-7-2010

For “Redemption” : I spent this last chapter alternating between cringing and hanging on the edge of my seat, unable to quit reading. I usually hate OCs, but Brys and Perrin are a riot. Brys is the only one with a hint of goodness in him, and that makes the reader pity him when his own lover seems to endorse and enjoy their employer’s cruelty. I love the hunting scene with the cat, and the image of Vic coming back in jacked up, nude and grinning made me smile, particularly everyone’s reactions to it when he walked into the kitchen. This story is a lot of fun. Gross, but fun. More, please. ~ OriginalCeeNote, 4-10-2010

For “Redemption” : I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read my old back issues again without thinking about this story. ~ OriginalCeeNote, 5-14-2010

For “Redemption” : Upon finishing this chapter, I found myself digging out my old comics. something of which I haven’t done in a long time! you have truly reunited me with my love for a good Creed storyline. I bow down to your writing brilliance! ~ GothicPug, 5-15-2010

For “Redemption” : I keep wanting to reach into this story and slap Tab and yell at her, “Beat feet! GO! NOW!” But that’s what makes this so intense and amazing to read. She’s got a bit of masochist in her, and maybe even a hint of Stockholm Syndrome. I love all the references to back issues and how she seems to be playing “Birdy” to his inner…well, his beast, since he doesn’t try to hide it. Just when I think that he’s all asshole, you pull out these random, almost creepy moments of tenderness from him. It’s maddening, and it’s genius. I love when an author can make me empathize with the villain. I love the moment when he tells her to get some guts, even if he’s just going to tear them out. Classic. Awesome. ~ OriginalCeeNote, 5-15-2010

For “Redemption” : This update was just as beautiful, visceral, mind-chilling and violent as the last few, but what made it better was the change in Tab. It isn’t that Vic is breaking her so much as molding her, which to my sick sense of entertainment is a huge turn-on. The bloody diamond, her reactions to Vaughn and how she almost snapped and took him down herself and started to lose her pity and compassion, all of that was beautiful. Tab taking out Vic’s eye was even better, I’m probably reading too much symbolism into it, but over the past few chapters, she’s changed his way of seeing her in small ways, yet at the same time, she doesn’t recognize who she is anymore when she looks at herself. Powerful stuff. I adore this story, but I always have to brace myself to read it. More? ~ OriginalCeeNote, 7-24-2010

For “Redemption” : I adore this story =D Now, naturally I have no idea what’s happening via comic books, as I’ve never read them, but that’s beside the point. He’d far more in character (and there by, scarier) in here than he is in mine XD Kinda makes me wanna re-vamp it a slight bit. So, you should update moreso, no? ~ NagainaFier, 7-30-2010

For “Redemption” : Hey, darlin’ – just poppin’ in to say that I love the new chapter! Get as gross as you like, don’t bother me none. Now… for a cold shower…. (Don’t forget about Doc Ock, now; I’m waitin’). ~ TepesWRR, 7-30-2010

For “Redemption” : wow, this story is amazing. i still have the last two chapters left to read… i hope you finish it if it isn’t finished (guess i will find out tomorrow). i am still bummed that shattered silence is not yet finished. anyway, thanks so much for a great, well-written story. ~ braxy29, 9-9-2011

For “Redemption” : this story is mind-blowingly amazing. Seems like over the top praise, but it is honestly the best realized, sexiest piece of fiction (fan or otherwise) i’ve come across in a long long time. Add to that the fact that it’s about Sabretooth (my all time shameful secret crust) behaving as I imagine he should (i.e. intelligently, violently, and genuinely pathologically)… this leads to my joy. And my sincere plea, PLEASE keep writing this. The stupid comic book universe chucked his character out with the trash and god knows non of the movies will ever live up to this. As far as I can tell from searching fan-fiction type sites, you one of the very few keeping this character alive for those of us who want to read about him. .. if only we could pay you money :( ~Amnesiagrrrl, 4-8-2011


For “Shattered Silence” : This is really well written. Not usually a subject that I read, but I look forward to how all of this is resolved. ~ Sm, 6-6-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : Hey I know you ain’t got alot of reviews but nevermind. Look at the hits, OK? We love your story. The grammer is awesome and the char’s are in character (ha ha). I really like how you can write from both Jean and Logans POV without ‘sounding’ the same. It’s a talent seriously. It hasn’t been a bore to read anywhere along the line either, or pointless. This is topnotch (Yes, I’m Aussie). Ummm.. can’t really think of anything else… no bad points really… ok i’ll stop now. Keep at it! ~ Satanicmidget, 6-7-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : I read in your author’s bio you had taken a hiatus to complete a novel. I was hoping to find that this story had been completed and now I’ve just discovered it remains incomplete, broken off at a critical point! I’ve trawled this site for decent material in vain until I found your fic. Most fic I’ve encountered is execrable and about as subtle and erotic as a nail in the head. I was pleasantly surprised that not only do you show restraint and let the reader fill in the blanks without resorting to an Ikea assembly manual, you actually have a decent, intelligently written plot going. Please, please continue with this fic because I genuinely want to know how this ends. Since Cyclops ended up with Emma Frost shortly after your X Men break-off point, I find this story very poignant. I hope you decide to write more X fic – with Wolverine as the main focus – because you are damn good at it. Thank you so much for sharing. :0) ~ RhiannonUK, 8-5-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : I LOVE this Story as well, it is so true to the characters we love. You are a talented writer and I wish you well on your novel. However, I have one problem with your work…….YOU MUST FINISH IT OR AT LEAST UPDATE!!!!! Don’t leave us hanging, when you easily have one of the most enthralling fanfics I have ever read. You could also easily post this on some of the other redshippers sites , they would love this. thanks ~ phoenixburning, 11-1-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : First off, let me just congratulate you on a really well written, and refreshing, thoughtfully constructed JL story. I found it a few months back, so I suppose I should apologize for only reviewing now (I don’t usually make surperfluous apologies over the net, but I’m feeling generous today). As I mentioned above, I like the overarching plot behind the characters; it facilitates their continued interaction, amplifying the dynamics of their relationship very nicely. Granted, I just described what a plot point is “supposed” to do, but it’s well done. I took note of this part in particular: “Tell me why you suddenly started carving Reece for answers.”  “Figure it out.” This makes sense to me. Logan expects Jean to choose Scott, and so naturally, he figures he’ll expedite that decision by reminding her of the savagery he’s capable of. The animal and the killer he fundamentally believes himself to be, and by extension, she must believe him to be. But even more than that, this is the closest he’s ever been and he’s deathly afraid, so he’s sabataging himself, so when he does lose her he can say it was inevitable, and it’ll hurt less. That’s my take on it. Keep up the good writing. ~ Mark, 11-13-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : This is a hell of a lot of fun to read, and while I admit to being an unrepentant Jean/Logan fan, I’m not a fan of easy answers, and so it’s nice to read a story that doesn’t try to say that one good boffing = happily ever after. Kudos to you for being a plot junkie and dedicated to working within your characters. I’m really looking forward to the next update. Cheers! ~ Cina, 11-19-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : OMG! I’m like hooked on this story! I log on everyday to see if there’s been any new chapters! Please update! I love the crazy story line, never would’ve thought of it! AWESOME!!! ~ xxx_lady_kagome, 12-10-2006

For “Shattered Silence” : I had to register just to review your story. This is an amazing story, tight and engaging. I love how the sex scenes are not graphic and leaves just enough room for the reader’s imagination. Very compact prose, not a single word is wasted in the narrative. Great handle on Logan’s angst, I could really feel the pain. I can’t wait for an update. Thanks for sharing this, I am such a huge fan of this pairing. ~ gaijin, 9-1-2008

For “Shattered Silence” : Thanks so much for the two chapter update. I reread the whole thing again (I still think it’s one of the best fanfics on this site), I’m looking forward to the last two chapters of this story. ~ gaijin, 10-19-2008

For “Shattered Silence” : This is a beautiful story– really well crafted, well written, the plot is well-thought out… it was totally a joy to read it, aaaannnndd of course it had my very favorite pair in it!! I hope Chapter 11 goes up soon– and the angst is killing me!! Can’t they just be happy together in the regular world? AUGHH! Well, I guess all my frustration is a testament to your great storytelling– thanks so much for this, it’s awesome! Keep writing (cough more wolvie and jean cough)! :) ~ Amandasfire, 10-5-2009


For “Arkham” : I’ve joined pretty much to tell you how much I like this story. You’ve captured the characters very well, which can be hard when you’re also trying to be smutty. Joker goes from being sexy to downright nightmare-fuel creepy in a few paragraphs, and often does both at the same time. I do hope you continue! ~ moonlock, 8-25-2010

For “Arkham” : you turned Joker into a Malkavian Absolutely Delightful ~ InvidiaRed, 9-11-2010

Doctor Octopus

For “Of Dreams And Dust” : An exceptional work, breathing new life into one of my personel favorite movie icons(I decline to call Octavious a Villain.) It truely seems as if the author has managed to get a full and complete grasp of the complexities which grip him.For this, and her phenomenal work in portraying the tentacles, I must call this the best work of fiction I have had occasion to read on this website, and perhaps one of the best works of fan fiction I have read Period. ~ Demos, 11-23-2006


For “Das Wasser” : Isn’t this one the first fan fic you ever penned? I think it was. You bring a “serious novelist” quality to fan fics that is rarely seen. The care and work put into them shows, and you can tell you aren’t being slapdash about it. I for one appreciate it. And there are some amazingly vague creepy elements in this story. The bleeding fence, in particular. LOVE it! ~ TepesWRR, 7-9-2005

For “Das Wasser” : Didn’t know this was your first! What a debut! Love the saddness and poignancy of the characters and the tale as a whole. …rrr, the Lewdicrrrous ~ rrrivethead, 7-20-2005

For “Sanctuary” : As a fan of N’Awlins, this one had me riveted from the get-go. I can’t believe you used to have problems with writing scenery. This thing pulls you in and you can almost feel the grit on the tombstone, and taste the whiskey. Damn. I love the trick of the looping back beginning, too, having the start of it being really the end of it. Very tight. And every one of the guys sounds legit. They don’t seem out of “character” to how they would act, ever. On the money as always. And Ayon is fabulous. But I really love her aunt and uncle. More stellar examples of original characters that leap off the screen full-grown and real. Oh, and this one was a four-whacker. *smirk* ~ TepesWRR, 7-9-2005

For “Zeughaus” : This is so beautiful. I am in awe. There are so few good Rammstein fics and even less straight Rammstein fictions but this is one of those that I won’t ever forget. The sex scenes were actually unique and individual. They weren’t like something anyone else has wrote or at least I have read. I hadn’t ever read a one stunt that had this much plot. I’m honestly in shock. This is too wonderful to comprehend. Thank you so much for writing it. I enjoyed it more than any other FF yet.  ~Kimberly AKA Morbid Mistake, 6-29-2006

For “Down Under” : WONDERFUL !!!!!!!!!  :p  It is a gorgeous story ..the lions den gives me goosebumps again and again ! Tenderness and firery sex and Till. YES ! The whole story is magnificent !! *hugs* ~ Schlagen, 10-1-2006

For “Aus Stein Sein” : This was absolutely…AMAZING. I didn’t want it to end! I was really grateful for the length and depth though. My favorite thing about this story is how well the author knows the band; little details like how Till’s first kiss was on a haystack, Richard wears Fahrenheit cologne, Paul is the most laid-back member, and all the details of concerts and songs and even Till’s poem book. I am completely impressed, and I adored every facet of this fic. Job well done! I look forward to reading more masterpieces like this one. ~ Cait, 7-21-2006

For “Aus Stein Sein” : I reread this last night — all 8 parts! — and I have to say that this is one of the very best pieces of R+ slash I’ve ever read. Your characterizations of the boys are spot on and where made up, believable. My biggest complaint in Rammstein slash is what’s usually done to my beloved Till — he’s often some sort of stupid beast — Frankenstein, anyone? — and hey — that’s just not sexy. And how could anyone do that to such a complicated and sensitive (not to mention, gorgeous) soul? So I thank you very much for making him just that, and keeping him real. You love Till as much as I do (warts and all), and that shows through. You’re het with him is fabulous too — I hope you’ll keep writing and keep posting. Lots of luv, Ann ~ Celebriella, 9-16-2006

For “Aus Stein Sein” : WOW, just let me start by saying that you are now my favorite Author on AFF. Your story was so wonderful but it ended in the worst cliff hanger, I felt. And how lovely you write! Your dialogue was extremely well worded and witty, I think your very accomplished in that feild, especially since I think you got as close to the character’s real personalities. For 4 hours I was totally engrossed in this story, I didnt sleep. The sex and the placement of the sex scenes were fantastic, where the reader craves more and more of it instead of getting sick of it. The plot was wonderful. I could not get the story out of my head all day at work! Your story made me feel things award winning novels failed to. Your brilliant, I wish on a shooting star you continue these insanely well written pieces of art! All the Ramm-girls must love you, it’s a pity so few people reviewed. PLEASE, I beg of you, write more! ~ niami, 4-22-2007

For “Aus Stein Sein” : Hey there AnonGrimm, I actually had to join AFF just so I could review this story. Just to give you some background on my response; I kind of like Rammstein (mostly because of the David Lynch connection), I know very little about the band, and I came across your story via a fervent recommendation from a friend. And I was hooked from the first page, and had to congratulate you on a great piece of work. Okay, you ready for the fangirl squee where I detail exactly why I love it so much? Here you go…

First off, it’s very, very hot. I mean, not wanting to sound creepy or anything, but, well, it is. ;-) Secondly, I think that structurally it’s brilliant. Even though the *very first scene* is one of erotic gratification, you manage to not only maintain, but build, the tension between Till and Richard. Even when Till has had Richard every which way, he’s still not sure he has him, so to speak; and that narrative drive kept me hooked right to the end. Keeping the reader’s interest once you’ve had the money shot is a really tough trick to pull off, and you execute it brilliantly. Third – I love the atmosphere. I love the sense of texture and smell, the cigarette smoke and the stale booze and the groupies and the lost souls. I love how *unsanitised* your story is – the way you capture the viscerality of their relationship, the stains on the bedsheets (very Oscar Wilde!) and the dirty clothes in the corners. You give your reader both the glamour and the grubbiness of a band on tour, and it honestly feels like being there. I feel as if you gave me a very very privileged access-all-areas backstage pass. Fourth – I love the ending. When writing a romance we’re truly into, it’s so tempting to go for the picket fence and the baby in the crib and the roses round the doorway. You left us with, literally, an open book…taking us back to the place where the story started, with Richard’s discovery of Till’s words. (Did I mention how much I liked the structure of this story? I like structure. And f’ing discipline. Or something.) Seriously, this was beautiful work and a totally unexpected pleasure. Thank you for sharing! Kitty ~ kittyuk, 2-17-2010

For “Aus Stein Sein” : I know it’s been awhile since this story was posted and I cannot be sure if you still check this place, so I can only hope my words here reach you, because I have to say how wonderful your writing is and how much I loved reading this story and your others. Also since I know it’s been awhile, I don’t suppose there is any chance of seeing more works of this kind from you? I can only dream. I hope your writing has flourished even further since your works here, and must thank you for even writing all of your works here in the first place as they’ve been just what I’ve been looking for, an absolute delight to read. Hope you are well. ~ PhantasieLeben, 1-6-2011

Severus Snape (HP)

For “Mens Rea” : I haven’t finished reading this story yet (am up to chapter 13) but I was appalled to see you have only 1 review so far. This story is SUPERB!!!!!!!!! The plot is very good but your writing is fantastic. The way you have slowly built Severus and Hermione’s relationship into a deep love and the way you handle Severus’ delicate and fragile state of mind which would be expected from someone who was raised with such horrible abuse is tender and sensitive and heartbreaking, with just the right amount of humour. I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!! It is one of the BEST stories I have read in a long time. I don’t recognise your pen name, is this your first fic or HP fic? YOU MUST WRITE MORE FICS, just give me a chance to finish this one first. LOL. I will review again when I’m finished. BRAVO to you for your story and your very talented writing. Well done! Toodles. ~ beeky63, 6-24-2006

For “Mens Rea” : bravo, bravo. :] and oh, don’t worry, you’ll get TONS of reviews over time. Besides, you just posted the entire story in one stock. i’m not entirely finished..and i forget where im at atm, around chapter 15. and this story is wonderful. it’s daringly different, not to be cliche` or anything with that alliteration. but it’s a rather original idea, and your writing style is very personal. sometimes that’s hard to accomplish completely with third person. (in my opinion, of coarse.) also, i haven’t really seen Severus Snape to be portrayed as such, so i’m not going to lie, took me a bit to adjust to reading to and about, but in the end, it worked out like clockwork. :] i look forward to reading more stories written by you – a truely gifted writer. i really do hope you indulge yourself in some original/fantasy writing in the near future (or maybe you have, i haven’t checked your profile yet) because i’ll enjoy reading another piece by you i’m sure. ~ Headrushh, 6-24-2006

For “Mens Rea” : I am so happy to see this story. This was one of the first stories that I read in this ship. I cant find it on my favorites for the other site that it was one. Now I can reread it when I want. You write the characters so good. I want to read more of your stories if you have them. ~ magicalheather, 7-4-2006

For “Divergence” : This was brilliantly written! You have such a way with words that I found myself being drawn into the story as if it were a book off the shelf. I would love to see more from you. ~ Some lowly mage., 7-21-2006

For “Divergence” : I just stumbled across this story and read it all in one go… it’s simply great! Beautifully written, nicely crafted characters and you even develop a really complex plot – which is a rare find on this site! Thank you! ~ Lily, 10-15-2006

For “Divergence” : Hello, this story is new to me; I’ve read the first two chapters and thought I’d let you know I’m loving it. Wonderful writing, convincing characterisation and dialogue and a devastating Snape. I’ll definitely be reading more. ~ sheherazade, 11-8-2007


For “One More Sunrise” : This one of my favorite movies of all time and I just got the urge to see if there was any fan fiction on it, then lo and behold I found your story and it was great. I loved the insight into the characters and how you fleshed them out so well. I truly enjoyed reading your story. Keep up the good work. ~ Twilight Garden, 10-24-2006

For “One More Sunrise” : This is truly fabulous. You captured the emotions so well and it was riveting. Very well done. ~ Elizabeth Bathory, 3-29-2008

Friday the 13th

For “Catastasis” : Wonderful descriptive language, and I love the way you presented the conflict between the boy & the monster in Jason’s mind; that POV made the assault as pitiful as it was revolting. The vestigial memories of Elias creeping in were a great touch as well. Re-reading Catastasis, I love the way that Jason’s naive exploration is brought on by the vague promise of some euphoria, hinted at by Elias’s memories. Given an opportunity to experience the act that he seems to so loathe when committed by his victims, it only affirms his hatred of it. It adds a new layer to Jason’s psyche, IMO. Great story. ~ Thac, 7-27-2005

For “Catastasis” : Hey again. You know that I love this story… like I said once before, i’ve always wondered what it was that really happened when Chris passed out. And of course, your writing is excellent and a dream to read, as always… =) ~ AntiDolorifico, 7-14-2006


For “Hellraiser: Beyond Elysium” : Hey! where has this fanfick been all of my life?! nice, very nice. did you post this somewhere else before here? ah well. i like! ~ MemoriamX, 6-14-2006

For “Hellraiser: Beyond Elysium” : Love it!!! Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!! Do another one!!!!!!! ~ LadyTorte, 6-15-2006

For “Hellraiser: Beyond Elysium” : You’re going to have to forgive me, I’m not a very coherent reviewer at the best of times. Never mind when I’ve just finished reading something that I absolutely loved reading. I’m so glad I decided to look for Hellraiser fics, because this is what I’ve always wanted when I thought about how a fic should be. I love how you used material from the movies, comics, and other sources. It really combines to make a rich story here. And, um, that’s all I really have to say. Thank you so very much for sharing this fic! ~ fairady, 4-19-2007

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : Oh. My. God. i love you!! this plotline is sooo good! it’s the sort i’ve been aching to read for ages! plese oh please update soon, i wanna see what happens next!! ~ silken-skies, 12-23-06

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : … You can’t do this to me! You… you… you can’t do this to us! I have to know what happens next, you know. You’ve got me hooked on two stories of yours, stellar stories at that, and, and, and… you tease! Tee hee. Don’t pay my whining too much heed, but you know how it is when you find a story that you really like, and someone tosses out a mean cliffhanger… like in this story… and Shield Mates *clears throat*. =D Extremely well-written as per usual, couldn’t spot not one boo-boo. I know I’ve said it before, but your style of writing is like a drug to me, so descriptive and well… thorough; don’t know how else to describe it. And you make sure to keep characters in character, which to me is important when it comes to Leatherface. He is, after all, no eloquent, suave sophisticate who knows the ways of physical love. It’ll be really interesting to see how this all will develop. The squeal I uttered when I saw that you had updated this story is probably minor compared to the next time you update… =D I hope an update for Shield Mates isn’t far off, either. I also hope everything is going well with your novel? If you’re not too busy and stuff, drop me a PM over at Predaphiles when it’s finished. Toodles for now, and take care. =) ~ AntiDolorifico, 12-31-2006

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : Out of all the stories of TCM, I do belive I enjoy yours the most. It makes you want to keep reading, it has twists and turns … all that good stuff. I hope to see more chapters up in the near future! Thanks for posting this, You’re doing a fine job. :D ~ Adelaide, 1-1-2007

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : I would never have thought it possible to write a fic like this one and make it work, but dayum! The characterizations make it plausible. The only one I had a bit of trouble with was Amarie, who seems a tad too accepting too quickly. However, she does desperately want to belong and the Hewitts–strange and twisted as they are–offer her acceptance and love. Overall, I found this fic mesmerizing, despite the fact that this isn’t even a fandom of mine. I hope you’ll eventually post more of this. ~ Shalimar, 5-19-2007

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : I absolutely love this story. It makes you want to keep reading in anticipation to see what happens next. I think you have the characterization of the Hewitt family down pat, and ah, I just love it! I can’t wait for more chapters. I keep rereading what’s here so far and I love it each time a little bit more. Perfection :P It’s so cute how confused Leatherface is and how trusting he becomes of Amarie. ~ cherrydarling, 9-4-2007

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : I think this story is great! Keep it up, because I have to know what is going to happen next! You have a marvelous way of writing and it kept my interest the whole time I read this story. In chapter nine when Amarie got her monthlies I though she was done for. Please do not leave us hanging! ~ Kate, 11-4-2007

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : How many ways can a person say “I LOVE this story”? I can’t seem to find the appropriate amount, but I’ll tell you anyway, just once but with as much conviction as one can over the internet- I LOVE this story! First of all, there’s no love like villainous love- especially when the beloved villain is believable, well developed, and not used as badly as a sex toy from the get go after some writer’s Mary Sue comes up to him and goes, “Omigawd,letzh8cr8zyhawttgothsmexxysexx!” then proceeds to fuck his brains out after meeting him. After reading your entire story in one incredibly breath-stealing sitting, I found this story of yours to be nothing if not a true gem in a pile of usually awful smelling… well, you get the idea ;) What I loved were the way you characterized the whole family- Charlie/Hoyt is a total asshole- but an asshole who cares deeply for his kin, nonetheless- Tommy is misunderstood and understandably messed up- and the rest of the family seem to be in character to a surprisingly great level. Also, go you for not being afraid to show Amarie’s stay with the Hewitts- both the good, the bad, the ugly, and the “OHMIFUCKINGGODHOLYSHIT”! ;D

What I was not overly fond of, however, was how quickly Amarie leapt on Tommy- especially after being passed around like a peace pipe between a bunch of bikers. I guess what I wouldn’t mind, though, was if you showed a bit more of Amarie’s thoughts beteen the time she starts becoming attracted to Tommy- and while we’re on the subject- what causes her to, *ahem* snappity snap when and if you decide to do a re-write. Or, maybe have a (I know, it’s cliched, and the literary gods- and my avenging muse- should strike me down for giving you the inkling to use this much-hated evil) flashback or a terrible dream Amarie has that shows when she actually… snapped. Or maybe a peek into the hell she went through with Frankie controlling her. These are just ideas, so please don’t take offense to me. Please? After reading this, I’ve decided to go watch AVP, so I can read that other fic you’ve written. It’s alien sex, is it not? Nice. Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic. ~ Freya, 5-11-2008

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : This story has been amazing so far; I’ve been reading it when I should have been doing my schoolwork. :D  I can’t wait for the next chapter to be up! I love the way you manage to keep everyone in character, even though they all do things that one normally wouldn’t expect of them. Great job! ~ Aealyn, 12-15-2008

For “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family” : Good stuff sho nuff gonna read the next chapter! I hear ya on the part where ya say ya gotta soft spot for the monsters I’m an odd one myself for that. LOL Can’t really say I’ve ever been in this part of the fandom I seen the movies one of the oldies and all the remakes. So I can’t wait to seen what you’ve come up with for T.C.M XD ~ callmeBaby08, 1-27-2011

Alien Vs Predator

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : okay i just read this whole thing in one shot. I hope you update soon as I want to see that asshole get torn to shreds in the next chapter. heh.
Damn your good at this. ~ caz, 6-8-2006

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : Wow, a pred/human pairing fic that actually _works_?! This is very good. Well-written, belivable and very thrilling. I’m nearly weeping though with the possibility of our pred-boy ending up dying and leaving Reb all alone to be found by her people again. ;_; Update as soon as you can please! ~ Anon, 7-5-2006

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : please write more to this story, i’m hooked, can’t wait to see what happens next, i check everynight to see if another chapter has been added, please hurry. ~ scar’s lady, 7-10-2006

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : How in the hell did I miss this masterpiece? I love the detail it makes for a great read. Please keep going, I’m rapt! ~Keen, 3-24-2007

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : AnonGrimm, I don’t know how to say this, but I must let you know that your story has really made my day. From the very first chapter, your story has kept me hooked to the very end, for it is so well-written, logical, and brimming with realistic and refreshing characters. I’m glad I came across your works, and will be waiting for future updates. ^^ ~ Wandering Thought, 4-12-2007

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : This story is one of my two favorite Predator fan fics. I’ve enjoyed reading it, and often come back to reread it. I’d hate to think that you might no longer be updating this work, and certainly hope that you continue this piece someday. I like the way you’ve conceptualized and built-up your characters. There is no magic, no mutation or technological modification, no stupendous special something that the characters are endowed with to make them super, larger-than-life, more interesting. Yet that’s exactly what makes them interesting to me. Reb and Dreads both have issues that they need to work through, a language barrier to overcome, and an interspecies interface to form, and you portray well how they do this, slowly, with lots of stops and starts.

I liked the idea of having Reb and Dreads eat the people they kill. It does make the whole yautja concept of honorable hunting just a little more honorable. It seems decidedly dishonorable to kill something and glory in the skill it takes to hunt it, and then let the rest of the body go to waste by NOT doing something creative with it. I also like the fact that you’ve left the state of human-yautja interspecies fertility in limbo, at least for now, though Ra-hak’khan’s statement that he and Reb might not always be infertile together is an interesting teaser. All too often human-predator interactions/romances have them being ridiculously interfertile, which just boggles the mind. It seems to be established fanon that the two species don’t even breathe the same atmospheres; to have them mutually fertile is stretching believability quite a bit.

It’s very refreshing that Reb is no super-soldier. Sure, she’s supposed to be a hot pilot, but early on you establish the limits of her fighting ability. While you don’t exactly draw out how she manages to become so skillful in so short a time, you portray a clear progression in her abilities. Coupled with the determination you show her to have, her progress is believable. I also like the way you’ve portrayed the inner conflicts and compromises Dreads has to go through not only to accept Reb as his companion, but to accept her as a worthy, if unorthodox, hunter. His attraction and affection for her are shown to be an outgrowth of their association, and it’s very believable when he says that if she dies he’s going to let himself die too. Both his growing attachment to her and his refusal to return to loneliness are developed well, and because of this he comes across as three-dimensional and believable. I also think it’s a plus that you avoided the “yautja are nuts about human females and prefer them to yautja mates” trap. All in all, I think this is an excellent work. Thank you for the entertainment you’ve given me with this piece. ~ Raved Thrad, 8-4-2007

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : I didn’t quite feel that I could give this fic the kind of review that it merited, so I went back and reread it from the start, and all I can say is “Wow!” It’s great to see you “get back on the horse,” as Reb might have said, which, incidentally, brings me to my first point. Despite the long hiatus, I’m pleased to find that you haven’t lost the particular “voice” that you’ve established when you write as either of your POV characters. I like the way when the narrative shifts between Reb and Dreads the difference is marked, something which I think really enhances the story. I doubt that Reb, for example, would have expressed the disappointment in a weak opponent that Ra-hak’khan does when he kills Azz’rhere, and despite the blurring of lines between them of what is yautja and what is ooman, the two remain distinct. I notice that Reb no longer refers to her weapons by their yautja names, calling the ki’its-pa a spear and the ki’cti-pa wrist-blades, and I wonder if that’s because she’s increasingly thinking in yautja. You’ve already stated that she no longer thinks of herself as an ooman, but it’s not quite clear exactly what she thinks of herself as. This is something you could build on if you’re going to expand on her character further.

It’s interesting to see the circle begin to close. Things that were mentioned previously, seemingly in passing, are starting to return to the main narrative, and there’s a nice feeling of building suspense. We have confirmation that they are, indeed, on SA-109, where the action begins in chapter 1, and where we know things will be coming to a head. Of the two Marines Reb remembers most fondly, Frank Dedman and Colonel Hobson, we can expect Dedman to show up in the action soon, as the instrument of Reb’s capture, and with this chapter dark overtones are suddenly cast on the character of Hobson. I’m interested in seeing if the name choice was deliberate on your part, by the way. Does Colonel Hobson represent some sort of Hobson’s Choice looming in the future, and will Frank Dedman manage to continue to outlive his name? Once again, fantastic work. I’m hoping the next installment comes out soon. ~ Raved Thrad, 6-28-2008

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : This story of yours is easily equal to any of the “Predator” or “AVP” novels in publication. I’m greatly enjoying reading it and I’m extremely impressed by your talent as a writer and a storyteller. ~ Maderine, 6-29-2008

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : Hey AnonGrimm, This story had me on the edge of my seat biting my nails. That’s how good I thought the story was. Please update soon I dont have many finger nails left. Sincerely, Legair ~ Legair, 9-30-2008

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : Holy hell. Damn, this has been a joy to read. I seriously couldn’t put your story down. I was late to work the past three days because I couldn’t leave the story! I love your characters, I love how real they are. (Yey for flaws as well as strengths!) The way that you formulated the structure of the story, bringing past and present together was a succulent touch, though I’ll admit I thought I saw enough hints of Dread’s death in the journaling that I had some hard times reading. But yeah, so excited to read more. Kudos! ~ mancer, 1-20-2009

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : This is probably one of the best fan-fictions I’ve read anywhere, adult or otherwise. It grabbed me and kept me running with it until there wasn’t anymore story to be had. Update as soon as you’re able– please– I needs ta see how it turns out! ~ SonoftheAtomicBiscuithead, 2-7-2009

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : Bravo…Bravo…Bravo………You don’t know how happy you made me Anon. To finally have something to read that I can sink my teeth into. This chapter along with the rest was FANTASTIC, the story, well is utterly one of the best I have read, and I can wait for the rest. Ar’Shiya  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~ Ar’Shiya, 3-19-2009

For “AVP: Shield Mates” : This story consumed my life for about three days! LOL I forgot my power cable at home one night and when my laptop ran out of juice my night was absolutely ruined! Finally finished it a moment ago, AWESOME! Left me wanting more and now I dont know what to do with my time, now that I’m not raptly staring at my computer screen, mouth agape, devouring chapter after chapter disregarding both food and sleep. So I just wanted to let you know that if you ever decided to revisit this story and write a bit more you can be sure that I’ll be there to get way too excited and lose sleep and proper nutrition over those as well. Cheers!! Holy CRAP! I just looked at all the comments and realized that I wouldnt have survived if I’d picked this story up when you first started posting it. 2006!? am I reading that correctly. I would have died. I’m so glad I found it now when I could just keep reading till my eyeballs dried out. lol ~ Lily Wolfsbane, 1-31-2011

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