Joker: Arkham (Info)

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STATUS: Complete

CATEGORY: Angst, Horror, Slash Erotica.

PAIRING: The Joker / Batman

RATING: NC-17 for “foul” language, graphic sex, violent sex, and extreme violence.

WARNING: This story involves some taboo subjects such as rape, abuse, and excessive violence. Of course, for most of us, Heath Ledger’s immortal embodiment of the Joker is warning enough.

SUMMARY: The Joker has landed in Arkham again with a long sentence ahead of him in solitary. While plotting his next escape, he gets a visit from the Batman. Two-Face has been wreaking havoc and Batman wants Joker to divulge clues in how to stop him or cure his madness. Joker pretends to listen as a new game begins to bloom in his fractured mind. Can he crack that cold strength and find a weakness, find a way to warp the Bat?

TIMELINE: This story occurs a year after the Dark Knight, with the Joker back in Arkham Asylum again after his first escape. He and Batman have fought often in that year.

NOTES: For purposes that serve my plot, Batman talks about Two-Face as if he is still alive. He tells the Joker they lied about his death. If you haven’t read any Batman Comics or seen the movies, I’ll still only be a little ahead of you, since I’m a Marvel fan by trade 80% of the time. I’ve glanced at a comic or two, and seen most of the films. I’ll ask veteran fans to please forgive any unintentional lapses in canon. Batman’s characters owned my childhood, but I haven’t gotten into DC as an adult, and that’s why this is going to be firmly lodged in movieverse. However, I’ve been collecting Joker graphic novels like a fiend and since I do tend prefer comic canon, I will be using as much information from those as I can. Yet in the end, Ledger’s Joker is who I fell for, so that’s my Joker of choice. So why write in DC’s sandbox now? Well, I read a pair of beautiful pieces by Blue: ( and saw a lovely bit of NC-17 art by Ponderosa: ( ) and after watching The Dark Knight again, I decided I wanted my own Joker/Batman story.

I am using the fandom researched idea that the Joker is hypersensitive to all sensory input such as sounds, smells, etc. It doesn’t mean he can hear you talking from a mile away, but it can mean that if he’s out of his head, even nearly unconscious, he can still hear and remember what is said around him, even if it has to get remembered and pieced together later. I’ve given him a photographic memory, as well. I’m also adopting the fandom researched idea that the Joker may not actually be insane at all – that he may represent some new type of evolutionary jump in humans and that his hypersensitive abilities and his very real mental damage (likely from extreme abuse and/or trauma) could contribute to the appearance of insanity (my X-Men mutants fandom is showing). It is generally accepted that no mental health professional has ever been able to figure what is “wrong with” him. I also like the idea that he may be a war veteran (Iraq, Afghanistan), but that doesn’t come into play much, here.

 HISTORY: Going by movieverse history, Bruce Wayne became the Batman to avenge the death of his parents in a mugging gone bad. Not much is known about the Joker at this point, except that he’s a psychotic madman devoid of empathy; a lover of chaos, who seeks to prove that everyone is as warped as him if the right buttons are pushed. Joker has little care for money and is not motivated by greed. He steals money to create chaos (and bombs) and not due to any desire to have wealth.

DISCLAIMER: None of this is real, it didn’t happen. The characters (with a few minor OC exceptions), locations, situations, terminology and history involved here, I am borrowing from DC Comics. All song lyrics are credited to the artists, some lyrics are abbreviated. No money has or will be made with this, unless Bob Kane lets me turn it into a novel someday.

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Table of Contents

1. Paths and Games

2. Lines Crossed

3. Definitions of Madness

4. Pleasure and Pain

5. Midnight Sun

6. Dark Rise

7. Drowning

8. Dying in Pieces

9. Brenda

10. Come Undone

11. Riddles of the Mind

12. Stitches

13. Burning Babylon