Joker: Arkham – Chapter 12 – Stitches

If it stayed I’d never leave it, if that turned around
I’d grieve the special dirty things that we used to talk about
I mean that loving you is strange and adored by me throughout
oh no it’s you again

Someday soon you’ll find that someone waiting for the chance to beat you
drooling on the set to feel you, blessing you with every kiss

Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill
Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill

It’s such the patient one who needs me, the spoiled one who wins
So shocking where’s your sense, don’t you know I hate you though
unsatisfied you little girl

Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill
Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill

Rolling dice and seeming queer, bastard love, a sick affair
Let’s see what new disease you’ll fetch
I mean that fucking you is strange and adored by me throughout
oh no it’s you again, blessing you with every kiss

So precious you know this hate of mine exploded
I’m so deranged you know I will never be deceived

Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill
Tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness ‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill

So precious, loving the thrill
So precious, loving the thrill
‘cause you’re the death of me
So precious, loving the thrill

~ Stitches (Orgy)


Joker smiled as he slowed his thrusts. The bat had railed and struggled, though he still refused to scream. His thrashing had made the winged blade over his spine cut him but before it could fall, it was taken up and used. Drawing light scratches, he allowed deeper cuts if the flesh continued to rebel.

Unable to throw him off and stapled to the bed even if he could have, the powerful body finally ceased to fight at all. By then, crisscrossing shallow cuts bled smooth lines down his heaving sides.

Hardly a surprise he had to test his new limits to the max before lettin’ futility teach him to stop and look within for escape. Now the real work can begin.

He knew the buttons to press and stroke, how to change things up and force the body to respond to what he did to it. Keeping his mouth close to the sweating bleeding skin of a back as tight as stone, he kissed and licked, and whispered secrets.

“You don’t need dear dead Rachel … you need a way to let go of all the tension locked in your head and body, so that the path is clear to get back to your noble purpose – hunting and vying with me … and lesser fiends, I suppose, while I’m stuck in here.”

Holding off with pauses, he backed out here and there to toy with all the buttons again with fingers. Then he set the blade over the spine and left him entirely to return to the table. Two armored gauntlets wrapped in orange pants and set next to his bat would do nicely.

He got a good grip on the hips and yanked them up enough to push the makeshift prop under the abdomen with one knee before mounting up. It shoved the folded pillow to the wall, and held the hips up high enough for some real fun.

Pressing inside once more, he clucked his tongue at the heavy body’s shudder. Giggling with glee at the new gap to play in, he slipped his hand under, wrapped it around the stiff and thickening cock, and squeezed it. In moments, he had twin rhythms going, massaging the cock and prostate at once.

“No…” The word was almost a moan.

“Don’t you see? This is what you need. Your body knows better than you do. Remember what I told you about shame and guilt, how useless they are – lies, precious … all lies. This isn’t punishment, it’s … food.” His hand squeezed harder, working the flesh mercilessly up and down its length as he thrust, smooth and easy. “Yes, yes, here we go, feel it, crawl inside it, let it have you – and it will set you free.”

Calculating both, anticipating them as close as he could, he pushed himself to come and wallowed in it, making the bat feel every shaking bit as it spit inside him, while working that cock in his hand through all of it. He continued to thrust until the man started to come, controlling the sensations he was subjecting him to until he would end feeling that the pleasure of release, of being emptied, was born of being filled.

The delicious choking groan was sweet. Before it ended, he gripped the gauntlets and pants in his free hand, leaning on the bat and his sticky occupied fist, and tore them out from under him to toss them with a thud over the footboard rail. Helping the trembling body to settle onto the slick mess it had made, he got his hand back.

“Feel that, the emptiness that is left in the wake of all that straining and striving. That is peace, the quiet of it.” He pulled back, withdrawing maddeningly slow. “All confusion held at bay, even rage put in a glass box until you need it. In giving over control, you take control of the parts of you that would not let you become … this.”

Joker rose and fetched the clever gauntlets, putting them back with the rest. He wet the white undershirt from the new prison uniform and used it to wipe the bat’s body down, blood and cum alike.

“The rest you’ll have to tend to yourself, as I imagine once I let you loose, you won’t hold still and allow me clean the front.”

At last, the head moved to look at him. Joker picked up the blade and licked the blood from it while he watched. He set it down on the edge of the table. Turning, he tilted his head and smiled at the silent man on the grungy bed. The broken used look in those dark eyes almost had the power to stiffen his cock again.

“If you want to hurt me now, you know I’ll let you do it. You know I like it. Perhaps now, you understand why.” Lifting his hands, he steepled his fingertips, bumping them against his ruined lips. “You won’t kill me, you don’t kill. So honestly, what do to?”

“Release me,” the bat whispered, low and hollow.

“Very well.”

Picking up the little black handcuff key he’d set out earlier, he freed the feet from the cuffs and cables first. Unlocking the cuffs from the wrists, he didn’t bother to move out of reach, but the bat avoided touching him.

Fascinated, Joker watched as he fled to the table and drew on the gear with a quick and silent dance of desperation. Right over the mess in front, the back starting to bleed again a little, he never paused once. Leaning a bit to see better, Joker spied a few telltale drops sliding down an inner thigh.

Like alternating white and scarlet tears. “Piece by piece, it’s built again ‘round you – but does it feel like armor now or a sarcophagus?” No response, not even a glance.

Out in the world above, he was sure the sun had risen a while ago. No cover of night remained to hide in.

Before the man could escape, Joker chimed in to break the silence. “Lose something? Besides your virginity?”

Whirling with a baleful glare, the Batman stared with dark eyes widening in shock at the ornate metal key held up in pale fingers. Striding up, he grabbed Joker by the throat in one potentially lethal grip.

A warm thrill bloomed through him as he schooled his body to go limp, to not fight it. He couldn’t speak, but his lust for it – all of it – heated his face. The moment the man saw it, his grip loosened instantly without letting go.

“Go ahead, precious.” He struggled to spit out the words. “Dash my head against the wall if you want to. Stop me the only way you ever could.”

As the man hesitated, Joker let the key drop and it was caught with a snatch. Their eyes locked as a trembling fist formed around the key. Time crawled.

Such a tragedy mask – he can’t comprehend why I haven’t fled and left him shackled and shamed. Only on my terms, my lamb – I’m not finished here yet.

Abruptly, the bat turned away, unlocked the door, and swept out of the cell. The rusty sound of the key twisting in the lock seemed to echo with the song of crashing doors long after the dark shadow was gone.

“As if a golden thread has been cut,” he intoned in a reverent whisper. “Here endeth the lesson – until next time.”

~ ~ ~

The pleasure of causing Dr. Tanner pain almost rivaled his enjoyment of desecrating the Batman. Anytime the naked man lunged for him, he was cut by the scalpel at the end of a long reach. None of the cuts were anything Nurse Helen couldn’t bandage or stitch, but he had learned long ago that most people stopped fighting once they saw enough of their blood. It was merely a matter of how much.

“So now you intend to do to me all the things I did to you, is that it?”

Joker brought his hands up, one bloody, one clean, to touch his lips in feigned shock. “You wound me… No true artist retraces the brushstrokes of another, especially a lesser.” The bloody hand moved, twirling the scalpel, as the other tapped his scarred bottom lip with a fingertip. “No, no, that would never do. And you assume I intend to kill you.” He shook his head slowly, sadly – the disappointed father approach the man loved to use himself. It was hard not to giggle.

Sagging down on a thigh, trembling hands moved to cover a pathetic penis. His rather large balls were probably ashamed of it. They were shaved as clean as a baby’s ass – all of his genital area was. Helen had done it to humiliate him while she was allowed to play.

“You’ll attempt to drive me mad, then – like you did Dr. Wilson. Do your worst. I’ll survive it.”

“Tut, tut,” he admonished, wagging the scalpel in a scold. “No fair guessing, it ruins the surprise.”

“How did you get out? Give me that at least.”

“Didn’t Charlie tell you? I can do magic.”

He sank down on his haunches, perfectly balanced on the balls of his bare feet. The tile was cold, still wet from the violent hose bath. He watched as both water and blood dripped down from the man’s hair.

“I should show you that magic, and I think I may – when I have a better audience.”

Resting the fist with the blade on his orange-covered knee, he tilted his head at his toy.

“What is it that drives you, hmmm? Perhaps you oughta be locked up here. Is it sociopathy? Everyone over and under these rocks knows you’re the worst kind of sadist – the bored and boring type. I’ve always entertained the idea that your truth isn’t entertaining in any way. Delusions of not enough grandeur? You never climbed as high as you thought you deserved? Am I warm or cold?”

“Just get on with it, whatever it is you have planned.”

“Plans are for the weak and the shortsighted. You don’t beat your wife, they say. You just fuck her relentlessly. Then you come here and fuck Nurse Alice. Sex addiction? Dominance and power addiction? I’d guess the latter. Sex is just the tool you use, often blended with physical and psychological cruelty and humiliation. I do know something ‘bout all that. Rumor has it, you write your own scripts for Viagra but the bottle in your desk empties fast. That stuff’ll make you go blind, you know.”

Slowly, he rose and set the scalpel down on the instrument tray. Dr. Tanner was so focused on him, he never noticed the nurse coming up from the side. At his nod, she popped the man with the syringe she held before stepping back out of reach. His panic was delicious. Joker flicked his tongue out, hoping to taste it in the air.

“What is – no! No!”

“Succinylcholine is bucking for the number one spot in my heart. You can’t move, but you can feel. You can knoooow. I’m going to fix you, Dr. Tanner. You’ll see. I’m gonna make you alllll better.”

“Are you serious about this?” Helen asked him, as she headed for the door to follow his other orders.

“Sweet pea, when am ever … serious? Hop, hop – get it done.”

When she left, he swiftly leaned over the doctor and pulled him up to slump against the wall. Giggling at his lax face as he tried to mutter nonsense, he gripped the torso and hauled him up over his shoulder. The exam table was close and ready and he half-tossed, half-placed his patient on it. The straps and cuffs had to be adjusted a bit.

Helen returned wheeling in another cart of tools and supplies. He gave her a twist of a smirk as he yanked the toy down more and reached underneath for the gynecological stirrups. She looked away instantly and left to return with a stool. Enjoying her discomfort, he strapped the feet in with the legs held open wide.

“Now we wait; it won’t take long for the sux to wear off.”

Sitting on the stool between the legs, hands up as she put latex gloves on him, he began to hum. The moment Dr. Tanner could move enough to struggle, Joker let out a sigh of anticipation.

“Since I want to be certain it’s memorable, I won’t ask what your last tryst was like.” He wrapped long fingers around the small flaccid penis. “We’ll just make sure. Do your best, no pressure.”

He worked it rough, nearly threatening to yank it off. Stoic resistance had set in and the teeth were clamped tight as tears ran down the temples and the body strained against the straps. Playing with the smooth soft sack, he gave it a gentle erection-inducing squeeze. When that failed, he asked his nurse for one of the tools she hadn’t wanted to give up to the cause. The buzz of the thin long vibrator made the eyes fly open again. As it was pushed dry up his ass, it aimed for the prostate and played with it until the body had no hope left of denying him what he wanted.

Pointing the flushed head at the stomach, his smile stretched long and crooked as it spouted milky cum onto it. Releasing the penis, he let it sit where it fell. It was out of his way, as the doctor himself would be – soon enough.

“Remove the vibrator, hmmm?”

As she obeyed, she muttered, “I’m not sure I can do this – I’m not trained for it.”

“All you need to worry about is keeping him alive.” Reaching over to the tray she moved beside him, he picked up his scalpel. “Let’s begin, shall we?”

She had sterilized it. Frowning at her, he looked up and met the terror in the watering eyes of his catch.

Ignoring the topical anesthetic on the tray, he held the skin of the scrotum up and out and made a neat incision an inch and a half long slightly left of center. Watching the blood spackle on the gloves, he set the scalpel on the tray to pick up his new tool. It resembled a long twin-handled pair of pliers. The screams died in a choking fit the moment the doctor saw it.

“This is called a Bertschy Emasculator – no joke. Alas…”

Huffing breaths and shouts, curses – they washed over him like music as he held the tool in one hand and worked a finger into the bleeding incision to fish for the little pale testicles. Popping them out one by one, he opened the stainless steel clamp and held both of the defenseless glistening globes as he set it over the spermatic cords and closed it on them. Working the cutter, the cords were severed while the clamp crushed the blood vessels.

Humming again, he set the back-lock to retain the crushing pressure for at least two minutes, as recommended by the nurse to avoid hemorrhaging. As he drew his hands back, the one he had used to cut the man in many places with the scalpel caught his attention and held it.

The blood on his skin had smeared into interesting patterns inside the glove, while the white latex had been dappled with scarlet drops on the outside. It was beautiful.

“Joker? I need to stitch the scrotum up. Your vet toy can reduce trauma with minimal blood loss but the rest…”

“Hmm? Oh, yes – all yours.”

He scooped the little white abandoned testicles into one palm before he moved out of the way and gave her the stool.

“Roll it up or poke the excess inside, whatever you like, but I don’t want it hanging down empty. Stitch it as I cut it, I want him – I want everyone – to see the ruin I made of it. You of all people should be able to appreciate the sentiment.” His free hand gently patted her burn scars as she struggled not to flinch. “I’ll leave you to it.”

Moving up to the thrashing head, he pried the jaws open, let the testicles roll and bounce in, and shut the mouth.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh… Just swallow – it’s the only way you can keep them, now.”

Laughter burst from him as the eunuch doctor choked and swallowed. He went to gather up the goopy milky cum and rubbed it over the lips and into the mouth as the screaming began again. It had that sweet special note in it – the hysteria and shock of a mind just starting to crack.

He moved to lean against a wall and watched as the nurse finished what he had started. There was still much that needed tending to and the dice of choice had to be rolled as he went, but he had learned to savor all the little things. It made the hard work worth it.

“It’s done. He needs to be still for the body to recuperate.”

“Well, he ain’t goin’ anywhere as he is. You’ve got bed pans and catheters – enjoy yourself. Gag him and hide him before sunset; I’ll play with him later.”

“Where did you get that castration tool?”

“The office, in that toy box footlocker of Dr. Arkham’s – it was new-in-box. There was even a card. Delightful that the families of some victims would send such a gift to the doctor charged with treating the muddled soul that knocked their lives off-track. They are the sheep who want to evolve into wolves. I admire that.”

Pushing away from the wall, he stripped off the latex gloves as she sedated the man. She brought the gurney and he helped her move him onto it. They secured the straps and she got ready to wheel what was left of their mutual enemy to her room.

“One more thing – I want a note sent upstairs to the records department. Tell them you’re working on a request for Dr. Arkham in preparation for his return. I want the files of all the patients from Solitary, any exceptionally difficult patients, and another folder marked Staff Performance Reviews. The latter is in the good doctor’s office upstairs, filing cabinet, bottom drawer.”

“What if they won’t send them without him here in person? All of that is confidential.”

“With the chaos going on upstairs and the staff trying to hold it all together as Dr. Tanner goes missing as well, they’ll be delighted to have someone making a go at being an authority figure. It may as well be Dr. Arkham’s favorite nurse for special projects.”

Her chin rose, tugged by marionette strings made of the shreds of pride and self-worth that she had left. “I’ll get it done.”

“See that you do. Leave ‘em on his desk for me when they arrive. I need to get back up there.” He hummed out of tune as he headed out to the doctor’s office. “Collect all five…”

“You are going to kill him … aren’t you?”

His head turned to gift her with a smile. “Maybe I’ll let you do it – perhaps I’ll make you do it. For now … waste not, want less.”

In the office, Joker’s fingers danced through Dr. Tanner’s clothes and possessions that had been heaped on the therapy couch by the nurse. Hanging by a clip on the white coat was the badge, but it was mere identification in a heap of stones as old as Arkham. When he felt it in the pants pocket, still clipped by a chain to the belt, he cooed as he pulled out his prize.

“Oh, you’re beautiful … come and play with me, we’ll have such fun.”

The set of keys on a ring, Dr. Arkham’s keys, fit neatly on a palm. They couldn’t open the Citadel doors. That key, now the bat’s, had been removed before handing the rest over to Dr. Tanner – but they would open everything else. The full scope of Arkham’s labyrinthine paths, cells, and treasures opened up in his thoughts as possibilities raced through them all.

Looking up as the nurse appeared in the doorway, his grin stretched from here to obscenity as her burned face grew paler. “Tell daddy the truth, sweet pea – the thought occurred to you to hide these.”

“It did – but I didn’t. Now, you could get the records yourself.”

“I’m not a fan of libraries full of moldy files. Tedious tasks are what flunkies are for.” Touching the keys like a lover, he smiled fondly at them. “The only one missing, Dr. Arkham removed and hid – until you gave it to the bat. Funny, isn’t it? The most obvious tool that grim beast thinks he has against me, and I don’t even need it.”

“With those, you could leave – through any door above ground. You’d be free.”

“Aaah, my little temptress, marked by the fires that forged you and yet you are the one who’s lost among the stony wastes. Do not put the Lord thy God to the test.”

He hung the keyring on a thumb and started to strip, shedding the snake skin of orange and white prison clothes.

“Watch and see what you feed when you offer to feed me.” She struggled with her fear, staring at his tumescent nudity. It made him smile. “You don’t want me gone; you need me to get the revenge you’re too afraid to seize for yourself.”

Fisting his hand over the keys, he crooked a finger to bring her closer. Cupping her burn scars with his other palm, he drew her face up and kissed her mouth as his cock nudged at her, gauging whether or not she would dare to flinch or resist. Her trembling yet pliant yield pleased him, so he let her go without injury.

“Freedom isn’t outside any door, pet. The only real prisons are here.” His words lowered to a breathy whisper as he brushed the backs of fingers over her temple. “And here…” The hand settled over her chest. Once the heart rate under his palm increased, it slid over to grope her small breast. Leaning in to breathe at her ear, he murmured like a lover, “The rest is nothing but a dance amidst the ruins of our own making, choosing which fires will warm our souls. Open your prison doors yourself and when you do, reach for that fire of revenge and let it burn you if it must – until your enemies char before your eyes.” Snaking out his tongue, he licked the tip up the outer shell of her ear. “Yessss…?”

“Yes.” She almost choked the word.

“You are my tool, to use as I see fit. Aren’t you, sweeting?” He stared her down, smiling only when she dropped her gaze and nodded. Delighted, he patted her shoulder and stepped back to return to the black leather fainting couch.

Still pale, she remembered to breathe. “I brought you the scalpel, since you’re heading back upstairs.”

“Holding up your end of the bein’ useful bargain already.”

Winking at her, he began to pull on the doctor’s clothes. Some of it was snug, some was too big, but he found it all manageable and not restrictive. The scalpel came in handy to make a fresh hole in the leather belt so the pants wouldn’t fall from his hips. Donning the white but slightly messy coat, he tucked keys and blade in its deep pockets and straightened the badge dangling from the breast pocket.

“You’ll have earned a reward once you get me those files. Fingers crossed for sweet Alice.”

That brought the ghost of a malicious smile back onto her lips.

~ ~ ~

From the hidden door that led into the solitary wing, he could go anywhere. First, he checked on the guards and their one addled neighbor. They were alive and quite upset, probably in need of water and food. For a moment, he missed having Charlie around – he’d been quite useful.

Would they have brought him back here? Batty likely won’t tell me – perhaps the files will.

Leaving behind the shouting and screaming, he fished out his keys and unlocked the route most likely to lead to his remaining playthings – the staff elevator to other sections of the asylum. Keeping Nurse Helen’s warnings in mind about his appearance and gait, he masked them whenever workers appeared, but the whole place was like a ghost of its former occupancy. The remaining staff were people he’d never seen before, while those he knew were loyal to Dr. Arkham more than the rule of law were scarce.

They know, like rats fleeing a sinkin’ ship. Wise rats.

“Doctor! Oh, please, we need to know what to do.” The voice was female, matronly.

He stopped but didn’t turn. “I’m going to make an announcement for Dr. Tanner. Find his treatment staff – George, William, Dwight, and Nurse Alice. I need their assistance.”

“That witch should be locked up, doctor. She’s in the staff lounge, fornicating with one of them. I can try to find the other two for you.”

“Excellent, thank you. Which lounge?”

“I just came from there, down the hall, then left. Are you from another wing? So many didn’t come in today, we don’t know what to do; there aren’t enough of us to care for –”

“Yes, yes – I’m going to tell you all what to do.” He whirled fast and walked by her, not giving her a chance to get a good look at him. “Find those men, send them down to Solitary, we need them to do their damn jobs. Then spread the word, I want the rest of you to gather in the Atrium. Secure any doors the lockdown didn’t, no one in or out just yet – there may be a breach. I found Dr. Tanner – he’d been attacked.”

“Oh, my God… But doctor, what about the patients?”

“Security first, nurse. Quickly now.”

“Yes, doctor. Thank you, sir.”

He was down the hall and around the corner as her rushing footsteps echoed behind him. He could already hear Alice – in the throes of being a witch, allegedly.

Whichever goon was shoving into her cunt as he opened the door didn’t bother to pause or look around from where he had Alice up against a wall. He’d managed to commit to this enough to be naked. She was in her usual uniform sans panties.

“Go fuck yourself, Sarah,” the goon grunted out, presumably to the woman the Joker had sent on errands, “unless you wanna be next. I don’t mind chasin’ chubby.”

It was the voice of the one whose finger he had broken in a session – Dwight. He took in the rest of the scene – it was normal enough, except for the bruised and bloody patient on the floor not far from them. Dwight had likely borrowed the man from his cell and beaten him to death to entice the nurse.

Joker popped the cap off the scalpel with a thumb inside the pocket and slowly drew it out as he approached.

Nurse Alice turned her head and her mouth went wider when she saw and immediately recognized him. He put a finger to his lips and spread a grin behind it. The moment that twisted hunger began to glow in her eyes, he knew she wouldn’t give him away.

He approached with the scalpel held low. Lunging forward the last few steps, he plunged it in at the base of the spine and ripped it upward. At the neck, he stabbed the jugular. Dropping the blade, he slammed his grip around the goon’s wrists and kept the meaty hands on the wall, shoving his body into the gory mess of the back. Using all the strength his rest had returned to him, he shoved a thigh between the man’s legs and laughed as he made the dying thing thrust inside the bitch again.

Alice howled like a nymphomaniac possessed – not one shit did she give for perhaps being next. “Yes, you sick freak,” she near-growled at him, “make him fuck me, dead dick fucking me, fuck! Do it!”

Dwight’s blood was everywhere, soaking their clothing, clotting in their hair. Joker’s cock had gone hard the moment he had attacked and he used the freshly lax corpse for friction as he shoved at it to make it fuck her.

Her shrieks counted out her orgasms until the heavier body began to tilt in his grip. Stepping back, he let it go and watched as it was torn from her to hit the floor.

“You! Fuck me!” She shoved her glistening cunt at him under the pushed-up skirt.

Joker, his cum slicking his stolen pants, ignored her demand as he casually picked up the scalpel. Straightening to face her, he suggested, “Fuck him. Roll him, fuck him as he dies. Hurry up, almost there.”

Screaming in frustrated rage, she did it without a blink, too manic to notice the fool was already gone. The moment the dead man’s cock was sat on, she fucked herself on it as she pushed a finger straight into the stab wound on the neck.

Impressed, he watched her moan as she pumped it – until it became obvious she might not ever stop. Reaching down, he grabbed all of her blonde hair in a fist and hauled her away as she grabbed at his wrist, clawing and screaming.

Dumping her over the beaten patient’s corpse, he set one of Dr. Tanner’s shoes on her cleavage to hold her still.

“You can’t even imagine the games I can create for you. I offer you the chance to find out – but you have to obey me. Are you curiouser, Alice?”

Wide blue eyes finally moved from his face to the blade. Her throat worked, her voice almost hoarse from screaming. “I am – but if you let me get bored, I’ll do what I want. I always do what I want.”

Letting a giggle of pure delight escape, he removed the shoe from her heaving barely-covered tits and reached down to offer her a hand up. “Then we’ll have to align what we want – and what we need, hmmm?”

“I want to be fucked.” Her hands immediately began to grope him once she was upright but he grabbed one wrist and twisted the arm up in a painful hold. “Stop…” she whined. “I need dick, I need it…”

“Obey or I’ll hurt you quite a bit more. Shut up. You know what you want and what you need. The lethal thrill, the violence: you need those things more than a cock, don’t you – more than your own safety or sense of self-preservation. My kind of girl, really. I’ve been makin’ due with Nurse Helen.”

Alice tried to fight his grip and hissed her hatred – for any other person with a cunt, probably. “That skinny frigid bitch is useless! Let’s kill her, please … let me watch, and then fuck me while she dies…”

“Music to my ears – if and when I say.”

Observing her face as it crumpled and the eyes welled with tears, he had to stifle a sigh. She wasn’t that complex a mess after all. Her appetites were amusing, but he already knew how to control her.

I wonder if Dr. Tanner figured it out – likely not, or she wouldn’t have kept fuckin’ the goon squad against his orders. “I’ll let you have more of what you want than Dr. Tanner ever did if you please me – but you have to earn having … me.” Working his features into a soft and protective smile, a fatherly smile, he kissed her blood-spattered forehead. “Be a good little girl and you’ll have everything a bad little girl ever needed. Yes?”

“Please, yes – but fuck me, please? I want you…”

“Earn me.”

The moment he released her arm, she tried to grab his crotch so he backhanded her. She cried out when she hit the floor and he watched the defiant glare melt in an abrupt triggered wash of tears and sobs.

“Sweet Alice…” He crouched beside her and twirled the bloody scalpel into her bloody golden curls, playing with them. “Don’t make me fit you with a chastity belt … or sew your cunt shut for good.” Leaning down, he kissed her curls. When the body didn’t move or try to grope him again, he repeated in a whisper, “You’ll be my good bad girl, yes?”

She looked away, trembling and moaning when he stroked two fingertips over a stiff nipple begging under her uniform top. “Yes … I will.”

Walking away from her, he observed her as she rose. “Find your heels, fix yourself up.”

Alice obeyed and he saw the version of her who could maintain some self-control slide back into place behind her wet cold eyes. Violence done to others fed her addictions but violence done to her fed her damaged soul – and allowed him to own her, to make her as docile as her first owner had trained her to be.

Father, uncle, priest? Some creature or other who discovered her malady, emptied himself into her, and bludgeoned her to obedience. It hardly matters. Tools are all the same – one merely has to find the way to use each one.

By the time she looked at the bodies and faced him again, she appeared to be once more the haughty bitch that had watched him rape Charlie through the window of his cell.

“What about them? Someone will find them; it’ll cause more trouble.”

“I need them to do that – leave them as they are.”

“What about Dr. Tanner?”

“My dear Alice – I already have him. I’ve gelded him, I’m afraid. Yet if we make a stop or three on the way down, we can collect a few playthings for you. Would you like to give him the most mocking blowjob of his life while being fucked from behind by one of them?”

“Yes…” she whispered, “I want that. He was boring and useless. He needed … pills.” She nearly spat the word.

Joker laughed as he turned to head for the door. “Cardinal sins, to be sure – I agree. Come along.”

With the keys, as yet without the files, he made his best guess on which inmates to release. Picking five strapping ones by which of them made Alice preen, he chose another five from the ones that knew exactly who he was already and seemed clever enough for what he needed. What he actually needed was unfolding in his head as he went – making him giggle at his own cleverness.

“It’s a good start,” he told her with a smile as they all followed him. “One more stop in Solitary. We’re going to feed and water my prisoners and fetch my stereo. Once that’s done, you can play with your toys there, as long as you also play duty nurse and keep the others at the ruse of being staff.”

Turning abruptly to face her, they all stopped short, afraid of him but eager to please him. It felt like home.

“This is the important part, Alice – if the Batman shows up, and he might, tell him we’re having a mini-crisis because Dr. Tanner left without warning. Nurse Sarah has things in hand on another doctor’s orders upstairs, you have no idea who, and you’re holding down the fort in Solitary. The locked up men there are guards, but we’re gonna dose their food and use their clothes to turn our boys here into guards. Got it?”

“Yes.” She inched closer, as if trying to warm herself at his chaotic fire. He allowed her to slide her fingers up his bloody coat. “Can I play with the Batman?”

“No, he’s mine, mits off. Keep up the role of duty nurse and do it damn well or he’ll put you in a cell on suspicion alone.” Reading her body language, he let her move closer and embraced her as she pouted. “You’ll do fine. Now, the one milksop guard who comes in for the midnight shift, do you know which one I mean? Mr. Lost His Family man. What’s up with him, did you hear anything?”

“Oh, that one had his hours cut by Dr. Tanner. He’s only in Solitary for three hours, starting at midnight. He’s supposed to stay at the security desk and keep watch on the cells with monitors, no rounds. We think he leaves the desk sometimes but we don’t know where or why. Dr. Tanner didn’t seem to care.”

“I have my suspicions. Let him do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t become a problem. Keep our new patients drugged after your new friends swap clothes with them. Arkham is in lockdown, so if the Batman discovers the extras and asks, tell him and his pet guard they’re patients who got loose elsewhere.”

“I will.”

“Change to a clean uniform or wash this one. As long as our ruse is in order, you can fuck your toys as much as you want.” He took in the ten men around behind her, all of them watching with rapt attention, hearing his every word. Kissing her cheek, he released her to address them. “You know the game as it presently stands. I reward loyalty and the alternative is grisly. Alice gives the orders if I’m not here – if she wants your dicks, they’re hers. You’ll like that, I think. Nobody fucks up, nobody dies, simple and neat. Let’s get to work.”

~ ~ ~

Helen’s disgust was delightful. “Cheer up, sweet pea, at least I didn’t bring her down here to lord over and torment you.”

“I thought the plan was to bring her down here to torture and kill her.” She set his dinner tray down on Dr. Arkham’s desk, frowning and stiff with anger and frustration.

Joker rose from the fainting couch clean as a whistle in fresh orange pants and smiled as she backed away. He sat and picked up a fork. “Tsk, tsk, plans shmans, I told you all that is for the weak. She’s a tool, a puppet, nothin’ more. You’re my partner in crime, aren’t you?”

That chin rose again, deepening his smile. “Yes – but she’ll make a poor tool. Alice is erratic and actually disturbed, you know that.”

“Don’t fuss, it’s handled, I found her strings and tugged ‘em. Alas, she turned out to be dull in that regard. That only leaves toying with her impulses and addictions: check and checked. For now, she’s useful to me.”

“So you find her boring. You prefer to figure them out and twist them – she’s not good enough for your attention. Give her to me … when she stops being useful.”

“Mmm, perhaps. Really, I find it impressive that Dr. Tanner didn’t smack her around and discover her buttons. I find her … obnoxious, generally. Sooner or later, I’d have punched her and found them by accident. Still, in moments of urgency, one must make use of marionette strings that are already attached.”

“Dwight is dead?”

“Very dead. Dead, dead, dddead. It was a lovely time. I’ll have to ask Alice why he didn’t have his finger splinted still.”

“That bitch probably ripped it away to hurt him; it’s the only way she gets off.”

Joker ignored her grousing and began to eat. Her hatred was useful but also tedious, since she balked at killing.

“His body was left up there, in a staff lounge? Why?”

“All manner of possibilities – he’s a pinball in a vast machine. The missing patients could be blamed on him; he did fish one out to beat on to amuse Alice.”

“And the rest of the staff is in the Atrium now, with patients left to starve or rot? While Alice plays house in Solitary like she doesn’t deserve to be slowly taken apart?”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” He gave her a wink. “Don’t try to figure me out, sweet pea – there’s nothin’ to figure out. I just do things… Life is more fun that way.”

“So what’s next?”

He twitched with growing irritation. “There is no next, haven’t you ever listened? Even if I had a next, it would be different tomorrow.”

“What do you want me to do, then?”

“Clean up the tray, keep working on getting my files, torment our neutered friend before bed, stay out of the way in case my pet bat comes sllliiinkin’ back.”

She slumped where she stood, obviously at a loss. “Okay.”

He finished the food, treating it as utilitarian fuel only, and on impulse patted his freshly cleaned mouth with the napkin like a dandy – solely to irritate her further.

“It was such a shame to wash up but a necessary thing – can’t let Batman see how much fun I’ve been having while he sulks.”

“You think he’ll come back? Whatever you have going on in there, he usually goes through the foyer so enraged, he leaves static in the air.”

“Aww, that’s so niiice of you to say.”

When she gave him a wary strange look, he grinned and leaned back in the chair, waggling his hands on the end of the wooden arms of it just to focus on the movement with one corner of his mind. It helped curb the impulse to stab her tongue.

“What you want to do here, nothing you do will go well if he’s around.”

Huffing out a breath as a sigh, he frowned and then went utterly still. “One of the troubles with having a partner in crime who isn’t insane: she actually cares ‘bout logic and the awful confinement of plans and schemes. She has no true understanding – of the beauty of chaos. Those wonderful nutjobs up there,” he lectured, finger point-jabbing upward, “includin’ pussy-on-a-fuckstick – they don’t ask questions, they don’t nibble away … nibble nibble… They just … do – like me!”

His voice had flown up an octave into delight before it fell again, tinged with anger. Dropping his chin and steepling his fingers at his bare chest, he fixed her with a piercing stare.

“And once they’re put in their place… They. Stay. There.”

Helen took a step back, wisely getting the anvil of a hint. Her thin fist made a whisper tap on her leg. “Of course, yes … I’m sorry, I’m just trying … to help.”

Curling up the frown back into a tolerant smile, he pushed up on the desk and rose. “You’re just … cleanin’ up and retiring for the night.”

Fear in her eyes again, she crept closer to get the tray and backed away with it. “Good night, Joker.” She turned and disappeared.

With a sniff of annoyance, he went back through the passage and into his cell. She hadn’t cleaned anything or put fresh linens down over the thin mattress of the bed because the bat thought she couldn’t enter the small dank room. The stale smell of all he’d done on it with and to that giant flying rodent was a rich perfume that sparked music in his head.

“Hmm, ended up leaving my stereo in his cell, but he’ll be fed better now. Didn’t want Alice pounding away on his white rabbit. Strange.”

He stripped and left the new clothes folded over the little flat prison shoes. Lying down to sleep, he had no idea if he would wake woefully unmolested or if the bat would come and play. Closing his eyes, he tucked his hands under his face and let that pinball fly.

~ ~ ~

When the darkness in the mind stared back, he woke to find the bat perched lightly against the edge of the table.

Sitting up with a stained patch of sheet in his lap, he leaned his shoulders against the stone wall and stared back. “As if the softest trail of gossamer might spook it, the shadow breathes. Preceded by hunger and followed by … is it regret? The phantom of you lingers.”

“Insane nonsense,” the rasping voice ghosted out from the dark core.

“Not at all – poetry for lovers. I’ve missed you.”

“Arkham seems to be falling apart over your head.”

“And I’m missing it – such a shame.”

“Dr. Tanner is – rumored to be – missing.”

“That’s on your watch, Lamb Chop. You know precisely where I’ve been – pining for you.”

“I should toss this room, search every inch.”

“Now you’re just trying to make me jealous – or pay me a compliment? It’s hard to tell with you.”

“There are prisoners missing, staff and security missing. At least two men are dead. Lockdown procedures are in effect, but that could be helping whoever is behind it all.”

“Have you considered that Dr. Tanner may have stirred the anthill on his way out? That long arm of the law you wanted to reach out and grab him with is far too slow – you agreed with me on that before.”

“I… Maybe he would have. I’m not convinced he left at all.”

“Oh, come on, Batty, all this pointless shop talk! I’m dying of boredom in this hole. Get in mine, mmm? Help me pass the time in my cruel little box?” He patted the bed beside him.

“If I touch you – I might end up killing you.” The dark head bowed, the hard gaze shifting down. “This place is a plague, it infects everyone in it. Everyone…”

Joker rose on chilled bare feet. The movement brought the stare back up, unwavering this time in the face of his pale nudity. Still and silent, the bat watched him approach. The dark eyes were pained, haunted. No matter what rage simmered under the surface, the jumbled mess he’d made – no more than showing the man his own deep unknown self – also roiled and pitched within.

He didn’t try to touch; he just stood there before him, hands lax at his sides. “You needn’t trouble yourself ‘bout the state of this heap of stones. Dr. Arkham will return, you said so. That’s the only fix you need. Missing patients know their true Pied Piper; they’d follow him through a breach into Hell. They’re afraid of Dr. Tanner, the careless, the cruel.”

“Dr. Arkham never struck me as a warm and caring man.”

“I never said he was. I said they would follow him.”

A black fist shot out and opened to wrap around his throat. The pressure was almost gentle – like a whispered threat. It made his cock twitch.

“Your voice is lodged in my head. You’re locked in here, but you dig in like a cancer. What you … did… I can’t think, I can’t sleep. And you … you’re just … here.”

“Part of me is perhaps always here, even when I leave this place.”

“No. I have to keep you here, one way or another.”

The fist tightened, choked, but then the eyes widened in horror and the fingers released him. Joker stepped in close immediately, courting violence and thrilled to dance with it. He grasped the gauntlet before it fell and pressed it against his lean abdomen, his fingers stroking it.

“So lost and broken. I wish I had something real to call you,” Joker whispered, “but I don’t ever want to know your secret, it would spoil this. My tattered gossamer shadow – there is nothing else left to guard from me, is there? The minutiae, I never wanted. The scattering of the shards of you, I would gather them up and work at them until I created something truly fearsome, darkly beautiful. It’s the being broken but not yet remade again that pains and torments you. You’re unfired clay free from the constraints of the mold they forced on you.”

“You broke me.”

“No, precious, that’s not the truth. I broke your mold. We need to finish – setting you free.”

Those eyes met his and when he leaned in, not sure if he’d be kissed or killed, he couldn’t care which. The eyes closed and as their mouths met, the arms moved and crushed him against that hard and cold barrel chest – yet beneath it, the heart within beat faster.

When the kiss ended, the man tearing it to break it, he let him go so fast that the Joker nearly stumbled. He couldn’t help a gasp of anticipation as he saw the dark hands releasing the armor.

Moving to help, he was surprised that he was allowed to. Armor and weapons, piled and abandoned, were forgotten as he walked backward and led the stalking creature to the bed. He was pushed down on his back, limbs manipulated and body squirming under that sucking mouth and thick fingers. Opened and penetrated, obliterated, he went loose and allowed it all, whatever he chose to take. Crushed under that weight and brutalized by glorious needless force, he came between their bodies just at the thought that fighting it would get him damaged worse. It was almost tempting to do it.

Riding the wave of the man’s hate and need, he felt acutely alive – more than any other violence he’d done to others had given him.

“You’re my drug, aren’t you?” He gasped out the words, barely able to breathe. “The rest are so pathetically shaped, controlled, used and cast aside.” Aching and soaring as he was used himself, his voice dropped to a guttural desperate threat. “They are nothing. Nothing! Do you understand what you’ve done?”

A heavy strong hand covered his mouth. He bit it and the Batman let him draw blood. Unable to move or speak, he wrapped his legs around the pumping hips and tried to pull that violence deeper inside. The other hand shifted to choke him and just before the world slid away, he bit down harder as the feeling of the awful, beautiful weapon of flesh filled him.

~ ~ ~

The large mass of breathing muscle lay at his side by the stones. Barely healed wounds covered the broad sculpted back. Masked and silent, nude and still below the black collar, the Batman was sleeping beside him.

He woke when nudged onto his stomach and the muscular back tensed, but he offered no resistance. Fingers, then tongue, finally flushed and hot cock, yet the body was still – accepting him within it. Neither of them spoke as the Joker rutted in him, eager yet smoothly, as much as he could manage.

The cowled head turned to stare at the stones as Joker gritted his teeth and thrust rough and harsh at last. He remained inside as he came, and after – lying at ease as his cock went soft in that heat. Reluctant to move at all, he withdrew and made himself lie beside the brute again.

Quiet and lost, the rasp spoke, answering the question he hadn’t wanted to break the silence to ask. “It was pointless to fight you. If I start… I can’t…”

“Ifs run you in circles. But I understand, precious, I do.” He stretched languidly and shuddered at the soreness inside. It’s good, sooo fucking good.

He turned his body to stroke and kiss the shoulder and back, cupping the ass. It flinched only a little but accepted the long finger he pressed in to explore and tease. The moan he worked for and eventually got was a ghost of muddled passion.

“You’re still loose,” Joker whispered, “… and slicker now.”

The voice sank. “Do it… I don’t care.”

“Mmm,” he hummed and kissed the back as he climbed up to lie on it again.

A soft chuckle trickled through him when his hungry gaze reached the chiseled lower half of the face and saw the bright gleam of an almost feverish dark eye watching him.

“I’m not that good. One has to recharge all that, pet.” Kissing the spine, he smiled when the body under him shivered. “You know I love those fists. We could catch our breath and have a row – then fuck again as the bruises set in. I could even forego blades,” his fingers traced the healing marks within reach, “should you want to play with blunt force trauma only. You do seem to like it so much.”

“I don’t know what I am … anymore. What I’ve become, it’s –”

“Don’t be a slave to a false construct of social morality.”

“No, it doesn’t matter, this. It’s done. Others…”

When he felt silent, Joker stroked to soothe and murmured over that delicious skin, “Tell me, my lamb, just tell me.” He reached down under his body and turned his wrist at an odd angle to fish it inside, to rub and entice.

“Some people are innocent – not us, but … others. They deserve to live in peace. That’s why I have to … keep you here. But I have to leave before you destroy me, before I let you.”

“Hmm… There is no such thing as ‘innocence’, Bats.”

“There is, there has to be.”

Joker was silent a while, getting the body ready again as the mind that governed it shut down. As the man huffed a breath and shifted, he aimed for a low groan of helpless quiet lust. He spoke softly once he got it, as a mother might explain to a wounded child.

“There are only the larval and transition stages of corruption. In your beloved system of laws, each poor worm struggles to make its way and either dies trying to eat to live or makes that sacrifice – knowing that the pupa of change, the hard shell of what we all must learn to do to survive, is the only path to evolve. Within, they eat what they used to be and emerge: glorious creatures ready to dry their wings and fly. Monarch butterfly or Death’s Head moth? Not knowing what each worm will become is the true beauty of life and death. Make no mistake, both of them must corrupt what they were to achieve the ability to fly above the horror of the world – a world people like you are forcing them to endure. I merely help them … enter that chrysalis.”

The Batman rose up onto his forearms and let his masked head droop down. “Some make it – within the law. It’s possible.”

“Left to struggle and crawl? Oh, precious… I may be a kinder shepherd in the end. How curious indeed.”

He moved lower and opened the asscheeks, set himself to push in. Anticipation hardened his cock for its work at the mere sight of the resignation as his lamb sank into despair beneath him.

“Why crawl when you can fly? Now, where were we on forming your chrysalis? Oh, yes, hmmm – right … here.”

Pushing in slow, he chuckled at the weak and brief struggle his taunt had inspired as the bat’s body began to writhe under him, gasping in need. Gritting his teeth in the grip of a vicious and delicious lust, he answered that need with his own.




Author’s Note: This one has gotten pretty brutal, which I’m enjoying perhaps too much, but I just love Joker, he’s one of my sickest guilty villain pleasures. I’m also told I may enjoy writing insane/evil characters “too much”. Is that even a thing? (Anyhow, I promise I’m so very nice and safe in real life, honest, LOL.)

“Golden thread” refers to the thread of life cut by the Fates in Greek mythology. “Here endeth the lesson” is a Bible phrase, often appearing at the end of a story or parable. Joker’s Bible quote, “Do not put the Lord thy God to the test”, is Matthew 4:7. He does see himself as her god but using the quote is largely an irreverent joke; he probably would know the Bible backward and forward solely to use it against some of his victims and to keep people off-balance around him.

One more chapter left after this. If I find a typo (throughout), I shall fix it. Apologies for the update taking forever – I’ve battled illness, brand new allergies, rescuing my computer from a burp in a cranky update, and of course, a pushy and demanding Sabretooth next door in my other fics. Joker is actually quite a challenge to work my way into his headspace, too – he’s not as easy to jump in and out off as some others. So thanks so much for your patience and as always, thanks for reading and commenting! Hearing all of your lovely words feeds the muse and makes the time and hard work worthwhile. – AnonGrimm (@MET_Fic,



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