Blood Song chapter 1 is posted! IronTooth is born!

Blood Song is part 4 of my Sabretooth series, Equilibrium: Of Cruelty and Pain. It is posted here on MET and on AO3. I still need to post it on AFF, but I will do so this coming week if I can’t get it done tonight. Blood Song will officially begin my (apparently new) ship of Sabretooth/Iron Man, which thanks to some naming help from CanuckleheadCowgirl, I shall dub “IronTooth”. Yay!


Overdrive is completed!

Overdrive is part one of my Sabretooth series, Equilibrium: Of Cruelty and Pain, of which Redemption is part two. I’ve made The Hunt: Three Our Fathers the new part 3. Overdrive is my tribute fan fiction story to Marvel’s Sabretooth limited series comics Mary Shelley Overdrive.

M.E.T. Revamped!

Thanks to Kevin A. Ranson, M.E.T. has an awesome new look and logo!

I’m still constructing some pages and loading stories as time permits, but now the site looks gorgeous.