About AnonGrimm

AnonGrimm was first inspired back in 2005 to write fan fiction by her favorite band, Rammstein. Having discovered the medium existed by reading stories on the band written by friends in a private forum, and already being a writer of original fiction, she decided it would be fun to write one of her own. Many years and several diverse stories later, she has amassed a eclectic collection of fan fiction tales. While these stories take second priority to her original works, she does update, edit, add to and eventually complete them as time allows.

Her fan fiction tales are also posted at ArchiveOfOurOwn.org (AO3) and at AdultFanFiction.org (AFF).

AnonGrimm (you can call her Anon) loves and appreciates feedback in the form of constructive criticism if you have a suggestion, or if you just want to say you enjoyed a story. Comments can be posted after each story, or you may comment generally on the Reviews page.

Some of these stories have a final edit planned in the future, and those that are works-in-progress will be completed. Please be patient, as real life has a habit of getting in the way and family, work, and original projects have priority over fan fiction stories.

Thank you for your time and interest in AnonGrimm’s stories.